My trip to my home country – Albania

My home where I grew up!

A few weeks ago I decided to visit my parents in Albania. Although it might not be safe to travel nowadays, I took the risk because I missed my parents. They feel lonely with none of us around them and, it was the best decision to travel for them. Seeing how happy they are to have my brother and me around, it makes my heart melt! I am glad I did go as now all the boarders are close and don’t know when I will see my parents next. My trip to my home country – Albania, was short but amazing.

Everything I am wearing or (similar) is linked below. Also, my sunglasses were a huge hit in my country.

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Sustainable fashion with Eileen Fisher

Last year I was part of the inaugural sustainable Fellowship training program with @durablemode held @parsons_fashion school of New York. The fellowship training aims to transform and educate sustainability issues in the fashion and beauty industry! This article will cover sustainable fashion training with modeDurable and Eileen Fisher. This project is one of the most eye-opening collaborations I’ve worked on in terms of providing visibility and awareness around a critical issue — sustainability within the fashion industry.

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Dinner nights in New York City

Dinner nights in New York City are never dull. The reason I love New York City is that you can wine and dine in the best places. They don’t call it the city that never sleeps for no reason. New York’s restaurants come in every size, ambiance and price point, as well in every ethnic variety. The city has whole neighbourhoods full of Greek, Albanian, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Korean restaurants. You can find every kind of food, with great views. Central Park, City skyscrapers, Central Park. Brooklyn Bridge and eating choices are endless. Dinner nights in New York city are fun and memorable.

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Shades of brown in New York

As I promised in my previous post, here is the second outfit I wore while I was in NYC. Shades of brown in New York City is another favourite outfit of mine that I would never get bored of wearing it. I wore this outfit in Vancouver for an event and had a great reaction from my followers, so I decided to pack it with me. Afterall with my new hair cut might look a bit different 🙂

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