My trip to my home country – Albania

My home where I grew up!

A few weeks ago I decided to visit my parents in Albania. Although it might not be safe to travel nowadays, I took the risk because I missed my parents. They feel lonely with none of us around them and, it was the best decision to travel for them. Seeing how happy they are to have my brother and me around, it makes my heart melt! I am glad I did go as now all the boarders are close and don’t know when I will see my parents next. My trip to my home country – Albania, was short but amazing.

Everything I am wearing or (similar) is linked below. Also, my sunglasses were a huge hit in my country.

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Visiting Albania, my home country after seven years!

Vlore Beach 2019

It’s been exactly two weeks since I been back to Vancouver after being in Europe for over six weeks. The first stop was my country, Albania. I left my country when I was 18 years old and have been back a few times since I left. Visiting Albania, my home country with my siblings was one of my favourites and unforgettable trips I’ve had in a long time. The last time I visited Albania, was seven years ago.

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