Borrowed from the boys

I wanted to continue my love for the latest trend that I love. Oversized blazers! I am glad this trend is back as I love it. Back in the days when I was young and a fashion victim I would like to wear my dad’s blazers, shirts and his pants. Yes, you heard me correct. I wore his clothes and would do a fashion show for my sisters in our living room. My dad would, of course, laugh at me and tell me that I was weird and he has never seen anyone wear man’s clothes as I do.  Continue Reading

Cozy oversized

I love a crisp fall beautiful day. I wanted to take advantage of the sunny day and decided to go for a coffee and take a few pictures of my outfit. It’s funny because when is the weekend, and my husband can do a photo shoot its pouring rain. Since he is at work, I tried to take a few pictures with my iPhone to share with you my favourite look for fall. Continue Reading