My trip to my home country – Albania

My home where I grew up!

A few weeks ago I decided to visit my parents in Albania. Although it might not be safe to travel nowadays, I took the risk because I missed my parents. They feel lonely with none of us around them and, it was the best decision to travel for them. Seeing how happy they are to have my brother and me around, it makes my heart melt! I am glad I did go as now all the boarders are close and don’t know when I will see my parents next. My trip to my home country – Albania, was short but amazing.

Everything I am wearing or (similar) is linked below. Also, my sunglasses were a huge hit in my country.

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The vest knit trend and how to wear it

Vest knit trend has been a huge trend for the fall season. I purchased mine at HM a month ago. If you want to look stylish and fashion-forward, you need one for fall and winter for casual looks—the vest knit trend and how to wear it!

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All White Everything – The Perfect Date Night look

We had a beautiful extension of summer the last few days, and it felt amazing. With the COVID and restriction we are dealing with, it feels great to have some sunshine in our face. Lately, I know it is harder to make plans and go out as we used to be. However, I take any opportunity that comes along to dress up and met friends. With amazing weather, my husband and I decided to go out for a happy hour and later, we met my girlfriend and her partner for dinner. Without even hesitating, I decided to wear my favourite look in my closet, which is the perfect date night look if you ask me: all White Everything, The Perfect Date Night look and one of my fav outfits.

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Last year, I was in Paris for fashion week, and today I am writing this post from the comfy couch of my apartment. Secretly I wished I was attending the shows; instead, I watch them virtually. The other day I went outside to shoot a few looks that I received from the H&M last studio collection, and the suit is from that collection. Sadly the collection sold out within hours. Anyway, when I was taking a few videos for my reels, I’ve had girls screaming while driving that I look “AMAZING.” It feels good to be stoped on the streets and receiving compliments and my looks. My husband tells me that I always get compliments no matter what I wear. Today, I thought I’d share some of the style mistakes I never make at my age.

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