A trip to New York City and what I wore

A trip to New York City and what I wore in the city.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen that I recently travelled to New York for a project (more on that later). I love NYC, and every time I go to the city, I get overjoyed of excitement. I love the city and I been dreaming of moving to the town since Sex and the City show. My sister came to meet me from Ann Harbour, and every time we are together, we have a blast. We think the same, we like the same things, and she makes me laugh out loud all day long. In a few days, I will try to post all the looks that I wore on my trip to New York City.

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Goodbye, 2019- Cheers to a new decade!

Goodbye, 2019- Cheers to a new decade! Hello lovelies, I’m wrapping up this decade and feeling proud of everything I have accomplished the last year. To start I gave myself a new hairdo, went bold and introduced my followers to a new look. I’d be honest I wasn’t sure about it at first. I wanted to start the New Year with something different. I decided to do the bangs. The reaction has been amazing, I felt so flattered to see all the DM on my Instagram.

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A must-have dress for the holidays

Holiday Dressing and looking fabulous is my favourite part of the season. The party season is officially here. I am very excited to glam up and attend all the parties in style. Starting the season in this Olive green must-have Nidodileda dress for the holidays. I wore the look at a recent party with my husband. I’ve been wearing pieces from the brand all year long, and this dress caught my eye as soon as it was live on their site. I’m obsessed with the fur coat, too, also from the same brand.

The dress is a must-have dress for the holidays but also to wear other seasons. Wear it with matching inside slip dress to compliment your figure or pair it with a pair of creamy trouser underneath for a retro-glam vibe. Its high neck creates a sophisticated structure, and the sheer tulle enhances its elegance. I paired the dress with a faux fur coat also from Nidodileda that I wore the coat to the Pandora event with a double denim look here.

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I went to the Nordstrom today to check out the BLACK FRIDAY sales and it was insanely crowded. I decided to leave and do all my shopping online without having to deal with the craziness. There are so many pieces that I want to add to my shopping cart and couldn’t resist and wanted to share with you the best Black Friday sales.

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