Winter whites with a pop of colour

Vancouver has been dreary and cold this winter, but we had a bit of sunshine a few days ago. As you know, I adore shades of cream and whites. I decided to wear head to toe my favourite white pieces in my closet and my new little new white bag. Winter whites with a pop of colour, was the perfect outfit the last Saturday. Although we don’t go out as much nowadays, going to my mother in law for dinner is the only outing.

Since working from home, my daily fashion is affordable items that look a step up from sweatsuits. I still don’t own a pair of sweatpants, but I do have a few pairs of knit loungewear from Zara.

If you love neutrals and creamy tones just as much as I do, this bag would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Wear the bag with your linen suits, dresses or jeans and blazer in the summertime. I never followed the “don’t wearing whites after labour day” before I was still a rule, and I will never stop wearing white monochrome looks all year round.

I wore a few of my favourite white pieces I’ve had for years for the first look. The hat, from COS stores, added a bit of colour and elevated the look further. The second look I wear it with my husband’s suit. As you know, I adore his suits, and the menswear style is always my fav looks.

I came across the Hector and Helena brand on my Instagram feed and fell in love with the white mini bag. The Mini Bag made of crocodile-embossed leather is the epitome of elegance. The bamboo top handle’s shape with gold-toned hardware allows this timeless bag to be the perfect accessory for all seasons. Made of Italian vegetable-tanned leather, available exclusively at Hektor + Helena.

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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. I am in love with this white sweatsuit, yes it’s true what you said about the bag that you are carrying. It adds value to your dressing what you are wearing, If you are wearing jeans with top or wearing a dress, it will make your dressing more beautiful.

  2. The way you wore it, it looks expensive! It does really matter who wears and how they wear clothes. 🙂 I’m loving your style.

  3. Love your style, Aurela! You have such classic and stunning fashion sense. Thank you for the inspiration!

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