All White Everything – The Perfect Date Night look

We had a beautiful extension of summer the last few days, and it felt amazing. With the COVID and restriction we are dealing with, it feels great to have some sunshine in our face. Lately, I know it is harder to make plans and go out as we used to be. However, I take any opportunity that comes along to dress up and met friends. With amazing weather, my husband and I decided to go out for a happy hour and later, we met my girlfriend and her partner for dinner. Without even hesitating, I decided to wear my favourite look in my closet, which is the perfect date night look if you ask me: all White Everything, The Perfect Date Night look and one of my fav outfits.

I received the suit before the lockdown happened, and I haven’t had a chance to wear it until last night. I’ve worn to create content for Instagram and Tiktok videos, but I actually never wore it going out. My husband suggested we go for a happy hour and meeting our friends, I asked him to take a few pictures of the outfit. I paired the suit from Smythe with my favourite silk blouse from Kal Rieman, Bottega shoes, and finished the look with my Reiken handbag. All white everything is my absolute favourite outfits simply because they are chic and make you feel elegant and chic.

All white is a classic look that isn’t going away. I wear it all season round when the weather allows me. One of the benefits of all-white clothes is that they’re versatile, easy to recreate. This outfit proves that you can and you should wear white after Labour Day!

If you love to wear whites for fall and winter, opt for thicker materials. Coats, cashmere sweaters, wool pants or skirts and tailored suits are the best pieces!

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Aurela Nasedkin