All White Everything – The Perfect Date Night look

We had a beautiful extension of summer the last few days, and it felt amazing. With the COVID and restriction we are dealing with, it feels great to have some sunshine in our face. Lately, I know it is harder to make plans and go out as we used to be. However, I take any opportunity that comes along to dress up and met friends. With amazing weather, my husband and I decided to go out for a happy hour and later, we met my girlfriend and her partner for dinner. Without even hesitating, I decided to wear my favourite look in my closet, which is the perfect date night look if you ask me: all White Everything, The Perfect Date Night look and one of my fav outfits.

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Breezy and lose – Not your Ordinary Dress

Recently Vancouver’s weather has been amazing. It feels like summer has arrived and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. As you know I love wearing whites almost every season but they are my favourite to wear in summer season. Today, I wanted to share with you my latest brand obsession that I discovered on Instagram. I am always up for trying new trends even though I prefer something more classic, this Georgian based women’s clothing brand is so beautiful. Continue Reading

Lady in White!



I have always loved to wear off white, creamy colors for fall and winter, but Vancouver is known to be rainy city, and that doesn’t allow me to wear such outfits. Although I can’t complain, we had a fantastic season with lots of sunshine, and very little rain so far. As the weather in Vancouver changes drastically within hours i’m trying to take advantage of the sunny weather like we had few days ago. Continue Reading

All white – Corsica, South of France!


Recently in Vancouver we had one of the best events of the year, Dînner en Blanc, which combines a beautiful outdoor venue, with the sophistication of a gourmet picnic and everybody wears all white. As you might know I love whites, the interior in my condo is all white and I love to dress in all white. All-white feels crispy clean, chic and very sophisticated for me and I tend to wear lots of whites no matter the season. Thankfully now there is no rule of wearing whites, you can wear whites even after the September long weekend. Continue Reading