The Beauty of Fall Colours!



New beginnings are always exciting and challenging at the same time. I survived the first week of my new job and it was information overload. The advertising industry is creative and it’s a lot of fun, but starting a totally new role, is overwhelming.  I am happy to say the least, that I got to be in such creative environment and work with nice people. Until I get the hang of the new job it will be hard for me to blog on the regular basis but I’ll try to post at the least on the weekend.  Continue Reading

Edgy & Crop Top + Overalls!

overalls Happy Sunday,  My style mantra has always been, try playing with favorite pieces in your closet and never get stuck with one kind of vibe. As long as it suits you, and you are confident and comfortable, that’s all that matters.  Most of the time I prefer to wear monochrome, sophisticated outfits as I believe it’s more suited for my age. As much as I’m attractive to a classy look, I like the edgy, and chic dramatic look. The edgy look gets the attention for breaking the rules.  Continue Reading

Crop Top & Stripes!


I love stripes ! A stripe is no longer a trend, is a style staple.  I started my love affair with stripes when I was a little girl and fell in love with Audrey Hepburn and, my major icon fashion crush, Coco Chanel. I’ve worn stripes all my adulthood and I can’t get enough of this look. It’s obvious from my previous posts that I’m obsessed with stripes which you can see here : {look 1, look 2, look 3, look 4 } See, now you know 🙂  Continue Reading

All white – Corsica, South of France!


Recently in Vancouver we had one of the best events of the year, Dînner en Blanc, which combines a beautiful outdoor venue, with the sophistication of a gourmet picnic and everybody wears all white. As you might know I love whites, the interior in my condo is all white and I love to dress in all white. All-white feels crispy clean, chic and very sophisticated for me and I tend to wear lots of whites no matter the season. Thankfully now there is no rule of wearing whites, you can wear whites even after the September long weekend. Continue Reading