The Power Of Monochrome and Neutrals

If you are wondering how you can master sophisticated dressing, I have the answer for you. Go full monochrome! Experiment with textures and shades that look good on you. A lot of women underestimate the power of monochrome and neutrals.

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Travel Diaries – First Stop Milan

Hello guys! I am back and ready to update you on my travel diaries, my wedding and our honeymoon. I returned to Vancouver last week and honestly, today is the first day I feel more myself. I’ve been so jetlagged and tired to do anything. Last night I managed to go to the gym for the first time after a month break. As you know, we travelled to Europe for our wedding. 

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Linen – The One Summer Trend that I am currently obsessed with

I haven’t been able to post lately as too many things have happened to me in the last week. First, my mom got sick and a few days ago we had a huge flood in our condo. Talk about bad luck, but that’s life right?! Now dealing with the insurance and construction guys has been a nightmare. Luckily we spend the weekend at the beach house to avoid all the stress. Continue Reading