Linen – The One Summer Trend that I am currently obsessed with

I haven’t been able to post lately as too many things have happened to me in the last week. First, my mom got sick and a few days ago we had a huge flood in our condo. Talk about bad luck, but that’s life right?! Now dealing with the insurance and construction guys has been a nightmare. Luckily we spend the weekend at the beach house to avoid all the stress.

When we got back in the city I simply wanted to avoid staying at the condo, so decided to walk around and work from coffee shops. In a way, it was a good time for me to do some window shopping and see what is trending currently. To my surprise all the stores that I love carried linen pieces. I am so happy that linen is back. I remember back in the days I used to wear my cousin’s suit even though it was 3 sizes bigger than my frame but I still loved it. My dad would make fun of me for my weird taste and would say nobody dresses like you. Don’t know where did I get all the ideas. Mind you we didn’t have magazines back then I just watched too many Italian movies.

Linen is the fabric you wear to weddings, to the beach on the weekend, and to Sunday brunch with your friends. When I spotted this linen suit at HM store I had to have it. It’s comfy enough to walk around the city when is still a bit chilly outside.

Today I wanted to show you two looks that I wore last week, to show you my obsession with linen.


First look, I wore the whole suit and paired with comfy sneakers and added a straw hat & bag & belt as accessories. It’s pretty obvious straw and woven bags are hot for spring. The suit its sold out online but you can check your local stores, you might be able to score one. Also, Zara and Mango have some beautiful pieces that I love, my favourites (here & here & here )

For the second look,  I decided to pair the blazer with jeans and white camisole top. To add a French feminine vibe I added a beret and pined a little flower accessory to my blazer. Finished the look with white slingbacks, from last season (similar here & here) and a vintage straw bag, similar (here & here). Have a great weekend! Aurela x

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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. Oh no babe! I hope your mom is feeling better. A flood and water damage and repair are the worst. Hopefully it can be done quickly and painlessly. On another note, I love this linen suit. So iconic of chic summer days. I also love how you styled it with sneakers. You really rocked this look. I also like the linen blazer with jeans. That added flower is incredible too! Have a lovely weekend and a fabulous Mother’s Day babe! xoxo, Christine

  2. Oh no Aurela, it sounds like a very hectic few weeks. Hope your mom is feeling better now and the flooding situation is sorted out. I’m glad you got to get out and shop for yourself. I really love your linen suit, the blazer is so chic and perfect for the summer weather. Both of the looks are so stunning, you’ve totally inspired me to get myself a Linen Blazer :).


  3. Hey Sweetie,
    How are you?
    Sorry to hear that you had many stress lately, because of your mum and Insurance, I hope everything will be okay:)
    This Look is just Beautiful, Love Everything, the Blazer, the Denim and those Heels:) OMzg:) So Feminine:)
    Wish you Beautiful Day
    Kisses Love
    Happy Week

  4. What a headache to deal with a flooding apartment! I had to deal with the similar situation when our house was flooded years ago and I can totally understand the stressful level. Hope your mom is feeling better by now. BTW I really love the linen suits on you, both look are so chic and stylish. Always in love with a versatile piece. The flower pin is such an eye-catching piece to elevate the whole look. amazing look girl!



  5. I like everything about linen. Is so fresh, natural, strong fabbric, bio . Your first look is so stylish looking like a Casablanca mood. Nice match also the second look. I hope your Mom feeling better.
    Have a nice day

  6. Oh wowowow!
    I love how you combine your jacket with both denim and linen pants.
    Looks so effortless and Yet stylish!


  7. So sorry to hear about your mom and the flooding. As for linen, I have a love hate relationship with the fabric. I love the idea of it but I hate the wrinkling and ironing. Drives me nuts.

  8. I’m in love with both styles!! The mixture of masculine and feminine is perfect. Linen reminds me of summer in Nice and perfect weather and your looks would be the exact looks. Love the flower brooch accent as well, very Carrie Bradshaw like.

    xo Sheree

  9. Yas babe, both outfits are super chic. I love the mix of masculine and feminine and an oversized blazer is perfect for creating these looks. Linen reminds me of Summer in Nice with warm weather and chic vibes, the flower brooch is the perfect accent.

    xo Sheree

  10. First off, I hope your mom gets well soon and I hope the flood has been fixed! Sometimes it feels like when it rains, it pours. I am soooo obsessed with linen for the Summer! All of the new pieces that I have been purchasing are linen or linen blends. You styled this blazer so beautifully!


  11. Great post girl! Linen is without a doubt one of the best fabrics to wear during the warm weather. The only issue about it, is that it’s a fabric that easily get wrinkled . Your first look is amazing, totally chic and stylish.
    Thanks for sharing and hope your mom gets well soon!

  12. I am also super obsessed with linen! I haven’t worn it in years and am also glad it’s trending again! It’s so easy to wear in the summer and I just love the different ways you can style it. That linen suit is on point and I love that blazer with the jeans too!

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