All time favourite fall combination

My mom asked me to stop wearing all black, and I listen. If I had to choose a colour combination to wear for fall cream and camel would be my first pick. It’s classic and gives you that instant lux feeling. I have been wearing this colour combo for over a decade, and I can’t stop adding newer pieces. 

So, when I think about it, I’ve replaced my all black obsession with this colour combo. Back in the days, I’d only wear all black looks. I remember my mother would be so upset seeing me all the time wearing black. In my culture women just wore head to toe black when they were mourning over a loss, their husbands. When I met my son’s father, and he introduced me to his family I was dressed in all black. It turned out my relationship didn’t work out, and after I left him, he passed away a year after. I would never forget my momma when I called her to tell about him passing. She was in tears and said to me: Sweetheart you wore black when you met him, it’s always bad luck. Please stop wearing black!  My ex-partner death had nothing to do with me wearing all black. 

I don’t believe in superstition as my mother does but I wanted to make my mom happy. After my sons’ father passing I decided to go to the department store and pick something that wasn’t black. I spotted this gorgeous off-white set, and I fell in love. The sale associate insisted that I purchase the set as it looked so elegant on me. From that point, my love for all black switched to white, off-white, beige, creamy colours. Don’t get me wrong I still LOVE all black and won’t stop wearing them, but I’d wear less black when my mom is around and more whites, to make her happy.

However, this colour combo would always be my first choice. It’s elegant and is easy to create. I’m wearing an oversized cardigan from Zara, trousers from Mango and a camel coat that I found on a consignment store. 

How about you loves? Which is your favourite colour to wear on repeat? Aurela x

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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. The superstition part I totally get it. It is part of my culture when I grow up in China. People wear black when they attend funerals. I Love the white and camel combo here. They are truly timeless and classy colors. Especially in the fall and winter time, they bring the freshness to the whole look. Your style is impeccable and always inspiring.



  2. So obsessed with this entire outfit and color palette. Me too, I’ve been wearing more lighter color and bright looks as a change from my typical dark looks and been loving it! I think this look is so classy and elegant. Love everything from this camel coat to the oversized sweater and classy trousers!

    Christine |

  3. What a lovely feminine look! I loved the way you styled your pieces! That coat makes the look even better with a sophisticated touch!
    Very classy!

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