What to wear to your next getaway this Summer

We have been having a crazy heatwave in Vancouver, and all I want to do is pack a suitcase and fly somewhere to Europe. Today I am 46 years old. A trip to the South of France will have been the perfect gift If you ask me. Are you planning to go somewhere this summer? Take a few cues of the summer trends that are buzzing right now. What to wear to your next getaway this summer. Below is a list of my favourite pieces.

If you follow me on IG and know my style wearing whites is my favourite go-to colour, especially in the summer. However, the last weekend I had an early birthday celebration at Shangri La and wore a bit of colour. I bought The Attico blazer, a recent purchase which is currently on sale. Although I am not a pink girl, I couldn’t resist the bold shoulders, and the colour is so pretty. Having said that, crisp black and white outfits are still my favourites to wear and are the perfect combo to wear to the South of France getaway. I found jus the perfect pieces that are ultra-elegant and so feminine to wear to your next summer vacay.

Every piece is timeless, and the best part all pieces are on sale up to 50% off. This time of the year, I always keep my eyes open for items that have always been on my wishlist. This ST. John set is so timeless and currently on sale. I also look for linen, cashmere, tailored suits, and of course, accessories. Mostly shoes!

I don’t think I will travel to Europe this summer as I don’t want to be stuck somewhere since we still have travel restrictions, but I am currently shopping for pieces that I know I can wear next year to our European vacation!

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Aurela Nasedkin