My trip to my home country – Albania

My home where I grew up!

A few weeks ago I decided to visit my parents in Albania. Although it might not be safe to travel nowadays, I took the risk because I missed my parents. They feel lonely with none of us around them and, it was the best decision to travel for them. Seeing how happy they are to have my brother and me around, it makes my heart melt! I am glad I did go as now all the boarders are close and don’t know when I will see my parents next. My trip to my home country – Albania, was short but amazing.

Everything I am wearing or (similar) is linked below. Also, my sunglasses were a huge hit in my country.

The last time I visited my parents was last year with all my siblings. This time my brother, who lives in Berlin, invited me to surprise our parents. Being around my family makes me really happy. Living so far away from them is hard to visit often, but I try to see them once a year.

Vlore, the city I grew up in, is the country’s largest city and one of the most beautiful to visit in Albania. It is surrounded by the most beautiful beaches I have seen. Vlora’s recently renewed Lungomare, a great boulevard to walk along the sea. This boulevard offers breathtaking views over the sea and the nearby best restaurants to eat. Lungomare has plenty of restaurants, but you’ll want to keep going until you reach Uje Ftohte, at the end of the boulevard. During the summer, the city is the liveliest place in Albania and the Balkans to be. Most Albanians from Tirana, Kosovo and the surrounding areas come here to spend the summer. The coast has plenty of great nightclubs, discotheques and cafés. This time around, the city was quiet because of the pandemic and because everyone likes to visit in the summer.

Every time I visit my city, I like to be by the beach and feel the sea’s sound and the fresh air. Vlora’s beaches are by far the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen, and I have travelled a lot! I can’t wait to take my husband and show him my city, culture, and the beautiful coastline of Albanian Rivera! 

However, I had an amazing time with my brother. We drove around the coast, had lunches by sea and mom’s homemade food for dinner. It was short but amazing. The best part of the weather was amazing except for the first 2 days with rain. Again I did overpack for the trip, so I posted a few looks that I wore while I was there on my Instagram feed and here as well.

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Aurela Nasedkin

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  1. Well said, bravo…you are a perfect ambassador for promoting our country..congrats

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