Dinner nights in New York City

Dinner nights in New York City are never dull. The reason I love New York City is that you can wine and dine in the best places. They don’t call it the city that never sleeps for no reason. New York’s restaurants come in every size, ambiance and price point, as well in every ethnic variety. The city has whole neighbourhoods full of Greek, Albanian, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Korean restaurants. You can find every kind of food, with great views. Central Park, City skyscrapers, Central Park. Brooklyn Bridge and eating choices are endless. Dinner nights in New York city are fun and memorable.

Places we had dinner

I’ve been to New York many times and every time I travelled to the city I had amazing dining experiences. I picked a few places that I liked. I stayed four nights and the first night I ate at The Domenick Hotel restaurant. The next night upon my sister’s arrivals we decided to have room service and catch up. I wanted to enjoy a relaxing night and chill with my sister and catch up without having to dress up. Most likely one of my favourite nights.

Laduree in Soho is the perfect place to have a Parisian brunch. I’ve been to Paris, London and Vancouver location. I recommend seating in the garden outside. It is quite lovely and Instagram worthy:)

The next night we had dinner at the Meat Packing district area in a restaurant called Marble Downtown. European chalet from the outside, with manicured topiary and white wood-panelling, and a fancy Italian restaurant on the inside. Marble Downtown in the Meatpacking District combines charm and class in one.

The next night we went to Aquagrill in Soho. The restaurant serves soul-satisfying fish and seafood delicacies highlighting the freshest and finest oysters. I highly recommend this place for people who love seafood. We sat on the patio outside and it was amazing. Although it was a short trip I had the best time with my sister.

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Aurela Nasedkin