Dinner nights in New York City

Dinner nights in New York City are never dull. The reason I love New York City is that you can wine and dine in the best places. They don’t call it the city that never sleeps for no reason. New York’s restaurants come in every size, ambiance and price point, as well in every ethnic variety. The city has whole neighbourhoods full of Greek, Albanian, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Korean restaurants. You can find every kind of food, with great views. Central Park, City skyscrapers, Central Park. Brooklyn Bridge and eating choices are endless. Dinner nights in New York city are fun and memorable.

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Shades of brown in New York

As I promised in my previous post, here is the second outfit I wore while I was in NYC. Shades of brown in New York City is another favourite outfit of mine that I would never get bored of wearing it. I wore this outfit in Vancouver for an event and had a great reaction from my followers, so I decided to pack it with me. Afterall with my new hair cut might look a bit different 🙂

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Traveling in Style with SteamLine Luggage Set!

I’ve had an overwhelming week filled with joy and pride. As you might have seen it on my Instagram, this week I flew to Toronto to attend my son graduation ceremony and felt so proud and happy to see him graduate with honours degree. I have always dreamed of this trip since he left home to attend Queens University. I am beyond delighted to see him turned out to a remarkable young man, with a beautiful soul. He is an incredible human being, smart & considerate and I am so lucky to be his mother!  Continue Reading

Exploring The Town of Port Hope With My Family!

Last week I traveled to Toronto with my love to re-unite with my family. My parents arrived in Toronto from Albania a week ago to spent time with my sister and my son. Living in Canada makes it so hard to see my parents as often as I would like too due to the distance, and flying to Toronto to see them was exhausting. I miss my family, especially my sis and my son. Both of them left me to chase their dreams. My sister moved to Toronto, Port Hope to be exact for work two years ago and I seriously miss having her around. We used to live together and did everything together. She was my bestie! Continue Reading