What I would wear to Mother’s Day brunch

It’s a gorgeous day in Vancouver, and I feel alive again. It’s funny how your mood changes when the sunshine makes an appearance. Since it’s Mother’s Day today, I thought I’d share a few of my fav new looks. I wore this look to pick up some fresh flowers for my mother-in-law and an orchid for myself. It was an incredible day to walk around and daydream a Mother’s Day brunch with my boy.

Usually, my boy would be home to visit us, and he would take me to brunch somewhere lovely with a patio. It’s our particular date together, and this year I missed my time with him terribly. However, I am happy that he is safe and healthy in Montreal, and I look forward to seeing him once this chaos is over. Below are two looks I would wear if my boy was home, and we would have brunch together.

Since it is Mother’s Day, I decided to show you these two looks that I would wear to have dinner or brunch with my boy. I remember back in the days when my boy was younger, and we would have our usual date night together. He would say: “mom, why can’t you be just like a regular mom.”

In his eyes, I always overdressed, and I wasn’t like other moms. He wouldn’t like the attention I would get when we were out, but now that he is much older, he appreciates my elegant and classic style. Now is the opposite; he would compliment me and say that I look fantastic, and he is proud of me. Gosh, how much I miss having him around.

Last week I received a few pieces from the SS20 collection that I been working for a few years now. Kal Rieman is a New York ready-to-wear designer that creates an elegant and timeless collection. I adore both silky pieces that I received last week. Both looks are from her Spring collection, which you can check on here and here. I hope you love both looks and wish you a Happiest Mother’s day wherever you are <3

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