The Joy Of Being A Mother Is Amazing!

“As far as I’m concerned, there’s is no job more important on the planet than being a mom” – Mark Wahlberg.

The joy of motherhood can never be defined, it can be challenging, and the most rewarding experience. It’s terrifying but  amazing! You might know that I am a mother to a wonderful boy who just finished his 4th year at Queens University. Yes, I know I look younger than my age, but that’s the perks of having a child at young age. I have been feeling a bit sad to see all the mothers posting pictures with their kids on Instagram, when my boy is so far away.  If he was home, he would come to my room to hug me, bring me coffee, flowers in bed, and tell me “Mom, it’s your day and you have to be spoiled” He is the sweetest. I am so lucky!  

Kids grow up way too fast and the reality kicks in sooner than you realize. My advice, enjoy them while you can. I became a mother in my early 20’s and raising him on my own was hard. My boy lost his dad at young age and I had to be a Mom and a Dad for him. He was born in a refuge camp in Germany and I have been through a lot of challenges to raise him and start a new life in Canada. My sons smile kept me going, and made me stronger, every time I felt like giving up. I am happy to see he turned out to be a wonderful young man, with a beautiful soul and plenty of dreams to chase. He is an incredible kid, smart & considerate, and I am so lucky to be his mother. 

Today, I wanted to post my favourite kimono outfit that I would have worn to brunch with my son, if he was at home. Shockingly kimonos are still new to street style as a big trend, they are a fashion hit, and are seen everywhere, and almost all the major retail stores now carry them. I was looking for a light trench coat for the spring season, and I saw this amazing kimono floral piece at Zara. I couldn’t resist it and had to purchase it, and was happy that it didn’t break my wallet. It is the perfect piece for a bohemian chic look, or sophisticated cover up. It just adds some femininity to even a simple matching set, jeans or a simple dress!

I am lucky to have an amazing mother!  Here’s to all the Amazing mothers, happy Mother’s Day Weekend and stay fabulous ! 

Wearing: Zara – Printed Kimono & Mules | Oak + FortCamisole & Trousers | Louis Vitton – Bag (similar) | Forever21 – Sunglasses |



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