Simple and essential, the classic suit is the very definition of versatility of your wardrobe. For me a white suit is the perfect ensemble, whether it’s for work, an event or casually running errands. Funny how back in the the days my happy colour was all black. Few years ago, I switched to all white ensemble. There is nothing better than dressing up in all white when it’s gorgeous outside. All white outfit is one of my favourite kind of outfits to wear. It instantly adds an elegant and sophistication vibe. 

I wish my mother was computer savvy so she could check out my Instagram and see me wear whites. She would be so happy to see that I don’t just wear black anymore. My mother believes that everything that went wrong in my life, it is because, I wore black all the time: – {A superstition from my Albanian culture} ?

I bought this suit at Zara a month ago and have wore it on repeat. I love Zara beyond words. They have so many trendy, fabulous and chic pieces and the prices are really affordable. Since I wore this suit on rotation, I decided to post my two favourite looks that I have worn to dinner dates with my love.


My first look is all about elegance and sophistication. The simple truth, the less is more. This look is my go to when I have trouble deciding what to wear. Pair the suit with your favourite heels and a beautiful bag. In this case of course I decided to wear my Manolo’s and late obsession my new AME MOI bag. Ame Moi draws inspiration for its handbag collection from the architecture of Portugal, where the brand is based. The bag is absolutely stunning beyond words. I am so in love with shape, the tassel detail and the fact that is interchangeable. It can be worn as a handbag, a backpack or cross body. Also to add some glam to the look I wore my rose gold Swarovski bracelet  which is fully handmade in France, Parisian workshops. I don’t wear much jewellery but this Individual bracelet was too hard to resist. 

Wearing: Zara Blazer & Pants | Manolo Shoes | Forver21 Glasses | Ame Moi BagLes Interchangeables Rose Gold Bracelet |



A perfect chic look is created by mixing basics with key statement pieces. It revolves around classics that just work, no effort required. Few staples can turn a simple look into something modern, stylish and effortless. Gucci’s iconic vintage-inspired faux pearls loafers were my choice for this look. It’s the statement shoe that screams luxe in a new way. These shoes are my favourite investment and definitely a pair I’ll be wearing for years to come. Not only will they amp up your sophisticated look, but they’re a classic, super comfy for long days at the office or wandering around the city. Check out some favourite look-alikes below in case you don’t want to put a whole in your wallet 🙂 Yes, I am a shoe addict ! 

Let me know which is your favourite look ! Thanks for reading, Aurela x

Wearing: Zara Blazer & Pants & Top & Bag | Gucci Shoes Les Interchangeables Rose Gold Bracelet | Nordstrom Glasses |



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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. Omg I LOVE how you picked and styled your pieces. You look stunning and so chic!I have never tried total white outfit yet. I love your Manola’s shoes, they are so beautiful. Personally, I like first outfit mostly for classiness! but second also is amazing!
    Queen xoxo

  2. You styled this white suit to perfection! Especially the first look with the blue heels is outstanding!

  3. I love how you’ve rocked this! This is giving me major Victoria Beckham vibes. Your accessories and make up are on point as well – so chic. You should definitely show them to your mom to show you’ve changed haha! The blazer fits you so well – I always find it difficult to find blazers that fit, my only solution is to bring them to the tailor but then I get lazy 😛

    XO Candi

  4. Girl, I’ve always been a huge fan of your style – chic, bold and stylish!!! This white suit is so perfect for this summer!!! I love both looks, but my heart is definitely set with the first one!!! I love that bag!!! it’s so unique and stylish! Checking it out to purchase one for myself =P

    xx, Jessie

  5. I love an all white look and this white suit is so chic babe! You pull it off so beautifully and effortlessly. I am a HUGE Zara fan too and can’t believe this is from Zara! The first look with the blue Manolo’s is elegant and refined. I also love the second look with the more edgier vibe. White accessories like white shoes, bags and sunnies are fab because they really help to make an outfit pop even if you’re already wearing all white. So in love with these looks! xoxo, Christine

  6. I’m a big fan of all white ensemble. I’m surprised you used to only wear black, because how you style these 2 white outfits makes me think you’ve worn all white your whole life. Such amazing styles! I love both, but my favorite has to be the second one. I feel like I could totally wear it on a day off strolling around the city. But like you said, it’s perfectly chic for office wear as well. And well, I’m a bit biased towards those Gucci shoes 🙂

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  7. To be honest I actually don’t own any blazer/pantsuit attire! I just never know how to style them! And my workplace doesn’t actually require much formal wear so I always admire when people wear looks like this because they look so put together. Zara is one of my favourite places to shop though so i can see why you love this look. It’s clean and minimal and it’s high quality because Zara don’t play around haha.
    I like how you paired the outfit in different heels – i think its perfect because it puts a little femininity into an outfit that is mostly shapeless! Overall, absolutely stunning and you make it work!


  8. First of all you are so stunning and your style is always on point!!
    A white suit is such a staple and you just proved why.. TWICE!!
    Love both looks, but like the first one better, maybe is the manolo’s and the low V cut situation!
    Photos are stunning babe!

  9. Hey Darling
    Hows you?
    Love both Style, White Classic Suite style always a Good Idea:)
    The First look I loved more because you matched with the Blue Heels:)
    Adore The Heels and Loved the Combination:)
    The Second Look Amazing Too, Actually In Love with that Heels too:)
    Its sooo Hard to Decide:)
    Love Both:)
    Elegant, Classy, Sophisticated and Gorgeous:)
    All in one:)
    Great Work Darling:)
    Wish you Amazing Day
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  10. Couldn’t agree more! A white suit is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe! Nothing can beat the chic vibe of wearing one of these. Also love how you paired the suit in two different versatile ways. The style with the Gucci shoes is definitely my favorite. Wishing you a lovely day! xx


  11. Omg! I’m that person that wears all black all the time. Haha. God this looks so stunning though. You look so put together and sophisticate. I’m obsessed with this pant suit. I never actually bought one. Im not sure if I can pull it off but I’m digging both looks

  12. I absolutely love both looks, wearing such a versatile piece. The white suit is definitely a must in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s the reflection of elegance and sophistication, and you can’t never go wrong with a white suit. Love your style, always on point!

    Have a nice day!

  13. Girl! You look incredible! I love an all white look but I don’t wear it as often with two children. White definitely helps your mood when you wear it though! With that I certainly agree! How amazing is your AME MO bag? Love that there are so many styling options! Your second look is my favorite and I am such a fan of that top! The Guccis are too perfect! I was obsessed with them when I first saw them but never ended up purchasing them. I went with something else that I don’t get nearly as much use out of as I would have gotten with those! Love the long line blazer as well! What a perfect post about wearing white! Definite inspiration!

    Manda |

  14. For once I seriously can’t choose my favorite out of the two looks as I really love them both! White looks so good on you and we’ll have to brush up your mom’s IT skills so she can see you wearing white (and doing great for that matter). I love that Albanian superstition, haha, but you’ve proved that you’ve succeeded in life despite wearing a lot of black back in the days. 🙂

  15. I’m thrilled with both looks! You did an amazing job girl. If I had to pick between these two, I would go with option no2.
    I’m loving your style! <3

  16. The classic white suit is so amazing and you look so incredibly chic here! Those heels are also to die for and I would love to wear that exact outfit but with sneakers for a sport luxe vibe!

    Helen xx

  17. OH my gosh, I am seriously obsessed with both ways you styled! The first look is so boss babe with the blue Manolo Hangisi heels and the second is way chic with Gucci loafers both of them I adore and lust after. You have really mastered this chic minimal wihte suite style!
    xo Sheree

  18. I really like both ways that you styles your suit with. First of all I think white suit is just so stylish and chic. But adding the right shoes can really change your whole look. I like both shoes, but I thing the second ones are my favorite. Such a great style dear!

    xo, Maryam

  19. This post remind me to the Ralph Lauren collection style!!! You look so elegant, chic and sophisticated in both looks. I have to say I love wearing suits and specially all white. You style both ways just perfect and love your style babe!


  20. Stunning. You look insanely chic in your all white looks. Zara is just killing it these days – lthat suit! And your Ame Moi bag is so pretty! You’re killing me with those Gucci loafers – I need a pair so badly but I refuse to pay full price!!!

  21. So amazing in white! I love both looks and I can totally see how much I need to have a white Pant suit in my wardrobe right this moment! I love ur bag and heels in the first look and how it matches subtley

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