All Black with a touch of Glam !

When in doubt wear black! 

I’ve had an obsession with all black since I was very young, even though my mother always disliked my all black outfits. There’s something classic about a head-to-toe black look that I love. You can never go wrong with wearing all black. This weekend my hubby and I went out to celebrate his birthday. Of course for his special day I wanted to look all glam. Continue Reading

Balmain – Green Suede Bag!



While doing some christmas shopping I accidentaly came across this bag after a month of trying to find it online or in the store.  A girl happened to return the bag only 10 minutes before I entered the HM store. I never thought I would get my hands on this beautiful green emerald bag.  I was very happy to see the bag to the point that I totally forgot that I had to look for christmas gifts instead:) That’s how exited I was when I saw it. Continue Reading

All Black Everything!



Black is always the new black!  Since my early days of loving fashion, I have always loved wearing black.  Black is power, and  confidence-boosting, whether it’s a first date, or an interview. It’s flattering, alluring, and timeless, regardless of your body shape. And, its pretty much limitless and will never go out of style. Continue Reading

September Layers !


Greetings Fashionistas,

I love September! Yes, I love the fall season, the colors around the city are amazing which gives the city that perfect fall vibe. September is the perfect time to start wearing layers. I love wearing layers, mixing feminine and masculine elements together gives a hint of softness and boldness at the same time. I returned from sunny California and came back to Vancouver fall weather. Even though I loved the hot Californian weather, I am so happy to be back in Vancouver. I shot this outfit before I let for California, when we still had sunny weather.
Continue Reading