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While doing some christmas shopping I accidentaly came across this bag after a month of trying to find it online or in the store.  A girl happened to return the bag only 10 minutes before I entered the HM store. I never thought I would get my hands on this beautiful green emerald bag.  I was very happy to see the bag to the point that I totally forgot that I had to look for christmas gifts instead:) That’s how exited I was when I saw it.

I liked the Balmain collection because of the style, material, the luxurious feel it gives you, and the The Confident vibe. The bag is quite big which is an advantage for work and to run errands. I love the green colour tone and the vintage style look. I still want to find the white blazer but don’t want to pay triple the price for it. I think is ridiculous to pay the prices that resellers are asking for online.

I was out and about doing errands for Christmas and kept the outfit pretty casual. The bag gave the look a chic & modern feel. I paired a sweater black dress, the high boots and this coat from last season. Now as am typing away I just remembered that I still have lots of shopping to do before christmas. There is not too much time to go shopping when you work full time and also attending all social christmas events. I am not a big fan of all the crowd before christmas anyway, I think online shopping will be my ultimate choice.

I hope you have finished all your christmas shopping and are celebrating your holidays with your loved once.









Wearing: | Zara – Dres & Boots | H&M – Coat (last season) | Celine – Sunglasses| Balmain&HM –  Bag| Forever21 – Fur Scarf|

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Aurela Nasedkin


    • Thank you, coat is from last season and still is one of my favourite 🙂

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