Poncho with Faux fur Hood!


This past week it was a bit too cold, unlike Vancouver’s usual temperature around this time of the year. It has been a crazy week for me, as days at work can be really hectic before the holidays. On another note, I am super excited for the holidays. My son and baby sister will come for christmas and I’m very happy that I will have my family together again.

As I am shopping for xmas I visited Zara and felt in love with this thigh high boots and a beautiful poncho. They’re both cozy, comfortable, and they look very boho-chic when paired together. I’ve never been a fan of ponchos as they are a bit tricky when it comes to choosing the right one. They can be easily unflattering. 

However, it is a great piece to have as it can be both casual and dressed up. Worn in so many ways, the perfect poncho will keep you warm and stylish all winter long. A poncho looks feminine layered over a dress and high boots. When it is not as cold outside, wear a poncho over a button-down shirt, jeans and cute loafer for more of a chic look.

I love this poncho more for that fact that is super cozy and ridiculously warm !

If you haven’t tried one yet, go ahead and try one on! You will thank me later 🙂










Wearing: | Zara – PONCHO & Boots | Topshop – Jeans  | Celine – Sunglasses| H&M – Fedora |

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  1. Love your poncho and your boots !!

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