Pretty Pink Meets Silver !

I never know what colours go together, as I mostly just wear grays, whites and black. Combining colours is a skill, but with practise you can master it. Believe me! I’ve seen so many fashion bloggers wearing a few colours together and they look so fabulous. So I thought I’d try it out and see how it looks. Different shades of similar hues always look good together, so this time I tried pink and grey.  Continue Reading

Shades of Grey with NA-KD!


Grey is one of my favourite colours for the fall season. The colour provides a softer alternative to black and is actually easier to wear for work or pleasure. It is an incredibly versatile colour that you can wear in many different ways.  It looks great with soft pastels, and black, or white. Mixing grey together creates a more sophisticated and modern look. I do love grey. It’s the one neutral that I actually really like to wear during the fall / winter season. Continue Reading

Pink Suit & Stripes!


I have an obsession with stripes and hats. Both these pieces are classy and will never go out of style,  no matter how long they have been in your closet. This outfit is proof that when you purchase the right stuff,  you will use it over and over.  Most of you think that I have lots a clothes in my closet, but that isn’t true.  My closet is very limited, with classy pieces, and the basics.  I bought this suit from Zara a year ago, and I have worn it repeatedly.  I posted a blog with this suit while I was traveling to Europe last year here , and I still love it. Continue Reading

Feminine Pink!




Sometimes you need a little pink in your wardrobe. I’m not typically a pink-wearing type of gal, but this breezy pink pencil dress with mono layer is so stylish that gives you an instant lady like vibe. This dress is by far one of my favorite summer dresses that I own. Each time I have worn this dress, I have gotten many compliments.  Every woman should have at least one pink outfit for her romantic date nights, you don’t have to be a little girl anymore to wear pink. When you are older and wear pink you won’t look cute but you sure will look sophisticated and very feminine.  Continue Reading