Birthday Celebration and style mistakes I wouldn’t do

Last week it was my birthday, and I have had a grand week birthday celebration with my friends and my husband. I had dinner with my husband in Vancouver on Friday and Saturday & Sunday we spent it at the beach house in Point Roberts boating with friends who couldn’t make it to dinner. It was a beautiful birthday celebration with friends that I haven’t seen for a while and be able to relax and have fun with them. I turned 44 years old last Sunday. I was so overwhelmed with all the comments and DM on my Instagram when I relived my real age. Honestly, I was never one of those women who don’t say their age. To me, age is just a number, and I embrace getting older. However, with age, I learnt a few things and mistakes I would never do at my age now. Below sharing my five style mistakes, I wouldn’t do!

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The trendy hat everybody is wearing and you should too

I am not a big jewellery kind of gal, but I love wearing hats and scarfs as accessories. When my fiance proposed to me, the first thing, I said no more jewellery gifts, just buy me shoes! Some girls look amazing wearing pieces of jewelry, I, on the other hand, find it to much work to wear them. My ears will hurt me if I keep them for longer than an hour. Laziness is another factor, and it requires too much effort. I prefer wearing hats over jewellery. It’s easy, and with the with the right one, you look fashionable instantly. Continue Reading