The trendy hat everybody is wearing and you should too

I am not a big jewellery kind of gal, but I love wearing hats and scarfs as accessories. When my fiance proposed to me, the first thing, I said no more jewellery gifts, just buy me shoes! Some girls look amazing wearing pieces of jewelry, I, on the other hand, find it to much work to wear them. My ears will hurt me if I keep them for longer than an hour. Laziness is another factor, and it requires too much effort. I prefer wearing hats over jewellery. It’s easy, and with the with the right one, you look fashionable instantly.

The biggest hat that everybody is talking about and causing a bit stir is the French designer Jaquemus hat. I’ve been crushing over this hat since it came out. Honestly, I can’t justify the price tag for this hat so was so happy to find the look-alike version at Zara. I posted a picture on my IG story a few weeks ago, and I had many babes asking me where I bought the hat. Few even thought it was the original Jaquemus hat (I wish). LOL

A great tip for my all my stylish gals who want to wear the latest trends without breaking the wallet. Shop online Zara, Mango, Topshop. Most likely you will find a version or similar for any item that currently is trending. I like the trends, not all of them but the one that looks good on me, but also I don’t want to drop a significant amount in something that I won’t wear for a long time.  I bought the hat for my South of France honeymoon. It will look great at the beach or just going out at night with a dress. Think of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn back in the days. Perhaps maybe this is one reason I love wearing hats. They are both my style icons.

To show you how I will wear this hat in South of France I created a boat look since I went boating, thankful for the beautiful weather. I kept the outfit minimal, black and white. I wore wide-leg trousers and a black top from last year which wore here, and the pearl white heel to finish the look.

On your next vacay wear a fancy hat. Hats bring a smile to everyone’s face, and I guaranty you will turn heads. Fancy hats aren’t for special occasions; they are the best summer accessory!

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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. I’ve been seeing this hat all over the place too and I want one! But agree that the Zara price tag is much better than the original. Instant chic statement with this hat and I love the classic black and white outfit as well! You always inspire such classy looks babe! xoxo, Christine

  2. I like the creativity of this outfit. The hat is really fashion as well as your shoes. You put it all together like a pro lol Your luggage is life! I totally need them for my next trip!


  3. Buy me shoes too! I’m not that into jewelry. I have an affordable wedding ring that I didn’t want to splurge on, but I’m not a jewelry person too. I think it’s too much work hahaha. But, your look is soooo Grace Kelly and so chic esp in that black and white ensemble!

  4. Love that hat!! But in my case, I would rather prefer earrings! Not that I’m a accessory girl! But I love earnings!! <3 and of course I agree with you, it pains when you’re wearing them for a quite long!!! When it comes to accessories, I love earrings more than anything! : )

    Xo Babita

  5. Hey Sweetie:)
    How are you?
    This Hat is Really Amazing on you;)
    Fits you sooo well Darling:)
    Loved the Full Look:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  6. I saw similar hat at Mango and Asos stores. I need to order this hat because I prefer hats and bags instead of jewelry. You are so smart by saying to your fiancé to buy you shoes, I told my husband give me some tech toys instead of jewelry 😉

  7. I saw similar hat at Mango and Asos stores. I need to order this hat because I prefer hats and bags instead of jewelry. You are so smart by saying to your fiancé to buy you shoes, I told my husband give me some tech toys instead of jewelry 😉


  8. This hat is great, perfect for summer and can be worn with many different outfits, I will have to consider ordering one, I really like the look of the whole outfit!

    ~xo Sheree

  9. Oh this hat is CHIC! I love all the sites you listed, and they definitely help making a fashionable wardrobe more affordable! Also, so happy your were able to purchase your hat-crush with a little bit of savings 😉


  10. This hat is SO chic! I am just like you, I love a good hat! I am much more of a hat girl than a jewelry gal. They also come in handy for bad hair days. I love the Jaquemus hat, but your Zara find was such a steal! I like finding fashion at an affordable price!


  11. You look so gorgeous girl! I love your outfit head to toe and that hat is definitely a great accent to your look. It really imakes the entire combo to stand out, adding even more visual interest to it.
    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Hello dear,

    Wow, such a trendy outfit you are wearing today.
    The hat and a bucket bag perfectly match and make the whole B&W outfit look so chic!
    I personally adore hats, and even have a big collection of them.

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