How to be a Stylish Mom with basics pieces

As some of you know, I am a mom to a wonderful boy. I wanted to share with you today what to wear and how to be a stylish mom without compromising your comfort. Being a mom and a fashion addict taught me a few tricks on how to look polished and elegant with only essential pieces.

I always looked younger than my real age, so people always assumed that my boy is my brother. If you are a mom at a young age has its pros and cons. You raise yourself while you raise them, you have more energy, even though you are clueless about how to raise them. As a young parent, you don’t miss much since you never experience much at that age. When you are much older, you know more and are more prepared, but it can be challenging when you have to give up things you can’t do as a mom.

Tomorrow my boy is turning 24 years old, and it’s a bittersweet day for me. I work on my keyboard with tears in my eyes. I miss him being home, especially on his birthday. It’s always hard each year, but I always look forward to him being back home for Xmas. Being a mom in my 20’s was challenging but also the best thing that happens to me.

Being a young to a twenty-four-year-old boy is more challenging since the boys are protective over their moms. I have to be careful about how I dress when around my boy. I never wear anything sexy or reliving when I am around with my boy. Maybe when I go out with my husband but not with my son. When my son was home, my go-to look was jeans, a white shirt and a blazer or a coat. Most likely on repeat, perhaps I’d change the accessories or shoes, but usually, this look was my uniform when my boy was home.

One great thing about this uniform is that it makes you look young and a cool mom. While shopping for a gift for my boy’s birthday, a lady couldn’t believe I am a mom. So all you moms out there, find a pair of great denim, a white shirt and call it a day. It is fun, chic and comfy to play with your kids. I love the oversized blazer, but you can add a cozy sweater or a fitted blazer if that’s what you are comfortable with wearing. I always wore oversized clothes, so I am much comfortable with wearing the trend. Best tip of advice, invest money in basics that you can wear on repeat. Aurela x

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Aurela Nasedkin