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I am happy to be back in Vancouver’s warm temperature and green scenery. My last trip to Toronto reminded me of why I don’t want to live anywhere else but Vancouver. I don’t want to be a snob but the Eastern weather is so unbearable that I wouldn’t be able to survive, let alone be fashionable. Toronto is a  big & fun city but it’s also too damn cold. Being  Mediterranean and living in Vancouver for over 15 years, means I don’t like the cold.  

I’d take rain every day rather than freezing temperatures. Other than the weather I had a great easter weekend with my family. I can’t wait for my son to be back in Vancouver for the summer.

To celebrate returning back to cherry blossoms and warm temperatures, I wore my favorite kimono floral jacket that I wore on my previous post.  It is perfect for spring,  the colors are perfect for popping up your outfits. These overalls are also my favorite for spring, I wore them back in Toronto,  they’re very comfortable, and easy to wear. Dress down with a tee and converse or dress up with a blazer, heels and some chunky accessories for a more of a fashionable look. I love shoes, most of the time I tend to buy shoes & bags rather than clothing. Shoes turn your simple outfit a notch higher no matter if it’s jeans, overalls or a boring business skirt. Not to mention that when buying shoes you always feel good when you try them on. Trying on clothes on the wrong days of the month and you are left with a feeling that you are a bit chubbier or the cut doesn’t fit your body type. These cute sandals, that I bought last month for spring / summer season, are great for adding some sexiness to your outfit. I love wearing heels, there’s something about high heels that can’t be beat.

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Wearing: H&M Patterned kimono {similar here} | LuLu*s Ankle Strap Heels Sandals | H&M White Overalls | Aritzia Sweater | BCBG Clutch {similar here} | Dolce Gabbana Sunglasses {similar} |

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