Casual Fur and Black

Greetings from Toronto city!

It has been a crazy week at work and it’s been hard finding time to fit everything into my schedule. As I’m sitting on the plane flying to Toronto to visit my sweetheart, I finally have a chance to write a post. I haven’t seen my baby since Christmas and I’m so excited to finally hold him in my arms. I’m sure all mothers can relate to this feeling. They grow up so fast and before you know it they are off to University. As they say time does fly fast!!

With winter gone and the transition to spring, I wanted to wear my little fur coat one more time before I store it away. I love the glamour and minimalist look, but at times I like twisting whatever is in my wardrobe for an edgy look. There is something very alluring about wearing sexy clothes, but it’s really all about the attitude and being confident in your own body. You can be sexy at any age, but tasteful, so you don’t look cheap or trashy. This outfit perfectly matches my edgy side for casual dinner outings.

The older I get the more confident I am in my own skin. Although I am a mother of a young man and three months away of being 40, I’m thankful that I have a youthful look and everything else that I have worked hard for. I have a job, my own office with my name on the door and now I can explore my love for fashion. I’m not scared of anything, even turning old.

I’m so looking forward to spend Easter with my two loves, my sister who moved a month ago, and my sweetheart. Now that I’m thinking I might not have packed enough warm clothes for east coast temperatures. If I’m cold I can go shopping, that’s what fashionistas do when traveling to different cities šŸ™‚

Happy Easter and stay fabulous !!














Wearing : BebeĀ Fur Coat oldĀ {similar here} | LuLu*s Black Two-Piece Set | Forever 21 ShoesĀ  andĀ Bag | Ray Ban SunglassesĀ |

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