Press Coverage with Albanian Living Magazine

Hi all, sorry I have been MIA. With our wedding approaching, I have been busy making sure everything is taken care off. Today, I want to share with you some exciting news. A six-page story published in one of the biggest fashion lifestyle magazines in Albania called LIVING. The story is about my style and my life in Canada. When the editor approached me on Instagram, I was flattered and was so excited about the feature. I left my country almost 25 years ago, and to be chosen as a fashion influencer for the summer edition for my country is an honour. I can’t wait for a copy!  Continue Reading

Birthday Celebration Trip to Seattle

Last week I turned 43! I can’t believe the time goes by so fast without realizing you are getting older. To celebrate my birthday my fiancee and I decided to drive to Seatle for a few days and explore the city. It is the only city we can escape to within two hours of drive. Honestly, I love Vancouver, but I feel that I am far away from any part of the world, even if I have to see my son I have to fly 5 hours within Canada. One reason why I miss Europe so much, within a few hours you can be in a different country.  Continue Reading

The trendy hat everybody is wearing and you should too

I am not a big jewellery kind of gal, but I love wearing hats and scarfs as accessories. When my fiance proposed to me, the first thing, I said no more jewellery gifts, just buy me shoes! Some girls look amazing wearing pieces of jewelry, I, on the other hand, find it to much work to wear them. My ears will hurt me if I keep them for longer than an hour. Laziness is another factor, and it requires too much effort. I prefer wearing hats over jewellery. It’s easy, and with the with the right one, you look fashionable instantly. Continue Reading

Dubli Global shopping Site

*This post is sponsored by Dubli*

As you might know, I am getting ready for my wedding. Our wedding will be in Lake Como, Italy this September. Exciting as it is, it can cause substantial financial stress. I want to have a beautiful wedding and a great honeymoon with my love, however, I also want to save as much money as I can. While searching to get good deals for my air tickets and hotels for our stay, I came across I started to do some research on how it works, who they are and why I haven’t heard about before? Continue Reading