Two ways to wear a sequin Top

A sequined dress loses its appeal fast when we’re wearing it to multiple events over and over again. A sequin top is more versatile and can be worn in many ways and not just for the holiday season. I received this top a few weeks ago from Nidodileda a brand which I have posted previously here and here. As a Vancouver stylist, I have many of my clients ask me the same question: How do I wear a sequin top or dress in different ways? I wore the top twice in the row last week to an event and brunching with my husband. Two ways to wear a sequin top and look fabulous without feeling you are overly dressed.

Look 1 – Effortless chic

I had an event last week and I wanted to wear the sequin top since is new in my closet and knowing myself I always love to wear the new pieces. I aimed for an effortless look. Paired with a simple white suit for Judith & Charles which I have worn last year here and Louboutin heels. Added the Farrah+Sloane fringe bag that I am totally obsessed with and a few sparkles from Diamond Foundry.

Look 2 – Casual chic

Last week and I had brunch with my husband and I wanted to wear the sequin top but didn’t want to look like I was headed to a disco night. Paired with jeans, straw accessories added a modern twist to this casual look without looking overdressed. Jeans are old from Zara, straw hat from Nordstorm, straw bucket bag from Polene Paris and Hermes belt and sandals.

So here you have two looks that can be worn to different occasions and are simple to wear. I hope you enjoyed both looks and giving you an idea of how to wear your favourite piece in your closet. Wish you a fabulous weekend! Aurela x

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