When Black Meets Red!

Hello fashionistas,

I found that as I get older my style has evolved into a more polished, classy, and sophisticated look to met my age and my body.  I know what works for me and what doesn’t and that probably comes from my evolving style! I don’t usually wear red and I haven’t owned any red items in my wardrobe until I bought this beautiful red skirt. I tend to wear light pastel tones like grey, nude, brown, and black-white. I came across this red skirt when I was looking for something special to wear at an Andrea Bocelli concert that I am going to see soon with my boyfriend. Continue Reading

Winter Veil Beanie & Layers


Greeting Fashionistas,

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  As you might have noticed I love accessories, specially hats. The toque, often referred to as the winter veil beanie, adds an edge to  any outfit and is one of my favorite winter accessories, since it was introduced by Jil Sander‘s  in her 2012 catwalk collection. The veil adds a sense of mystery, a perfect mix of posh which also gives it an instant elegant look. Continue Reading