Shades of brown – lunch outfit

It has been raining for the past 2 months none stop. I miss sunshine badly and I am counting the days until Spring. I am so fed up with this rain and cold weather. Yesterday after a quick workout, my husband and I went to have lunch before we drove to the beach house. Fully dressed in shades of brown, the lunch outfit. The rain stopped for about less than an hour so I asked my husband to take a picture of my outfit.

I wore the new faux fur coat from Zara that I recently purchased. It is so fluffy and cozy and it looks amazing with anything in your closet. I love the colour and fit. Since the teddy bear coats are trending currently I think it is a great piece to add to your closet, if you don’t have one yet. I paired the coat with trousers also from Zara, an old Cos top, that I am obsessed with, and Prada loafers. I have had the loafers for over a decade and I still love them. They are timeless and worth every penny.

Every time I post a picture wearing Zara I have women who tell me that they go shopping but don’t see the pieces I wear. It can be many reasons, one, of course, they are not in your local stores, or it’s sold out. Perhaps you see it in the store but don’t not sure if that’s a good buy?

Right now the new Zara collection just arrived and I want so many pieces but need to restrain myself. Here are a few that are currently on my shopping card for Spring. Top, Bag, Suit, Shoes, Jeans, Dress.

If you want any help with shopping please feel free to reach out to me. Leave a comment below and let me know what would you want me to blog about. You want more what to buy? Or how to style? I would try my best to post all your requests.

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Aurela Nasedkin