Saying I love you to my husband with a Papyrus Card

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Valentine’s Day is a memorable time for me because five years ago, I met my husband a week before Valentine’s Day.  We had our first date a day before, and now we celebrate our anniversary on the most romantic day of the year. This year is particularly special as we are celebrating our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. In September 2018, we married in Lake Como, Italy.

My husband is a private guy and therefore not very big on social media. He prefers to receive a Valentine’s Day card instead of a big, sappy caption on Facebook or Instagram. He is an old-fashioned guy, and I love that about him. That’s why I love buying him a sweet card each Valentine’s Day. You can pour your heart out, or you say “I love you.” It’s a gift that never fails to put a smile on your partner’s face.

My husband always surprises me with flowers for no reason or coffee in bed in the morning. Each Valentine’s Day and anniversary, he arranges romantic dinners for us. And I love to put together a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed. It always includes fresh flowers and a beautiful Papyrus Valentine’s Day greeting card. I like Papyrus Greeting Cards because they add a dash of sophistication to every celebration. They are elegant, stylish and exquisitely crafted greeting cards with the finest materials for any occasion.


For someone like me who leaves everything to the last minute, I can always rely on finding that final touch: a beautiful Papyrus Card. The great thing about Papyrus Cards is that I can get them at my local Safeway. Click below to shop at your local store!

They are close by and open early or late. I can go by after dinner or before the gym, and they always have a large selection of Papyrus Cards! If you are a last-minute shopper like me and looking to purchase the ingredients for your special dinner, Valentine’s Day breakfast, fresh flowers or greeting cards, Safeway has you all covered. Enjoy celebrating with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. I know I will. Thank you, Safeway!

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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. I am much in love with @Papyrous cards, as I am with my hubby. I love receiving and giving Papyrus cards in any occasion. The great thing with Papyrus cards, is that they are so artistic & sophisticated that easily can replace an actual present. And, yes I love the material too; so soft. I’m a late minute person too so Safeway is a life saver. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day. I will choose a special Papyrus card for my hubby and will share it after?

  2. Great post, and I agree postcards are more personal and romantic. Thank you for sharing love this ?

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