Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Lake Como

It’s been almost a month since we got married and I can’t believe that time flew by so fast. While editing pictures, I’m getting emotional of all the memories we created in this beautiful city. We spent five days altogether with our family and friends. My husband was so happy soon as we arrived at our villa; the lake view did it I think 🙂

I visited Lake Como with my sister in February while looking for a venue for our wedding. I fell in love with the town that I’ve spent three days with my sister searching for the perfect villa to have our wedding. Lake Como is a dream destination to have a wedding. I will write a detailed blog about our big DAY soon as I get the pictures from my photographer.

The first day we arrived I changed quickly to go and have lunch and explore the town. I was overwhelmed with planning and making sure all my guests were checked in, and everybody was happy with the rooms. I am glad I managed to have all my family and friends in the same villa. Eating and drinking together for a few days were the happiest time of my trip. As my husband calls it, it was a big happy family reunion trip in one of the most picturesque places in Italy.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo - Lake Como

I had all my sisters, my parents and my son and I was the happiest girl being around them. We both don’t see families as often because all live around the world. We had family from England, Albania, Germany, Canada, Japan. Each night we were together laughing, drinking and enjoying every moment. Although my family doesn’t speak English, it was fun to see them interact with other guests with my sister and me translating for them.

Even though we enjoyed being around our families all the time, we need it a day to ourselves. We took the ferry across our villa and booked a room at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo for a night. It is a bucket list hotel. It’s all in the details. Surrounded by attentive staff, beautiful rooms, excellent food: great breakfast, fabulous dinner. The biggest splurge of our trip being peak season, but well worth it. The moment we entered this hotel we were treated like royalties. Everything is perfect and was an unforgettable experience!

A pampering day before the wedding was necessary to let go all the stress. Their facial and massage was an absolute must to get me ready for the big day. Last but not least LOVED swimming at this floating swimming pool on the beautiful Lake Como. 

Undoubtedly the most beautiful hotel in Lake Como. The views are breathtaking, the roses placed all over the hotel smelled like heaven. I would highly recommend the hotel, a wonderful experience. We very much hope to return for an anniversary!

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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. Wow, how stunning is Lake Como! I loved reading this post. There is nothing better than having all of your family and friends in one place. Especially for a celebration like a wedding. Your bucket list hotel, Grand Hotel Tremezzo, is gorgeous! I can’t wait to hear/see your wedding blog.


  2. These are some beautiful pictures!! I love the architecture of the building. Such a romantic city. Perfect for a getaway with your significant other. That Hotel is definitely on my list now.


  3. I visited Lake Como this summer and I was so amazed by the beautiful scenery. I think I want to go back and explore more 🙂 and of course, take more pics. Congratulation on your wedding, you chose a very special place and a wonderful hotel for the celebration. And even more special because all your friends and family were there. I love your lovely sandals! 🙂

    Have a joyful day!

    xx. Gina

  4. This hotel is absolutely exquisite! What a perfect setting to get married! It’s so wonderful that you were able to reconnect with your family since they are scattered about a bit! Grand Hotel Tremezzo seems to have made your Lake Como wedding all the more magical! Also, love all of your outfits and especially those blue pointed flats with the bow! So cute!

    Manda |

  5. Lake Como looks so beautiful, I love the background and the photos they are all so gorgeous!

    ~xo Sheree

  6. Hey Sweetie,
    How Are you today?
    I am in love with Lake Como after seeing this post:)
    Just Gorgeous:)
    I will definitely visit, The photos are Beautiful:)
    So Sweet:)
    Sending you Love Kisses Hugs
    Happy Weekend

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