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As you might know, I am getting ready for my wedding. Our wedding will be in Lake Como, Italy this September. Exciting as it is, it can cause substantial financial stress. I want to have a beautiful wedding and a great honeymoon with my love, however, I also want to save as much money as I can. While searching to get good deals for my air tickets and hotels for our stay, I came across Dubli.com. I started to do some research on how it works, who they are and why I haven’t heard about before?

With Dubli Travel, you have access to over thousands promotional rates on flights, hotel bookings, and car rentals with reputable websites such as Hotel.com, OneTravel, ChoiceHotels, CheapOair,  and Priceline.com. You can choose from thousands of name brands from all over the world and make money every single time you book a journey or make a purchase online. If you become a VIP member, you get the exclusive one-of-a-kind deals and extra cash back. They pay you to take your dream vacations. I used Hotel.com to book our hotel for the honeymoon. I booked JW Marriott Hotel in Cannes, South of France (pictures below aren’t mine, reference only) and rented a convertible. It was comfortable and hassle-free, and I saved a lot of money by booking some fabulous hotels. I can’t wait to be there! Now dreaming of chocolate croissants and sipping delicious cappuccino.

How does it work? You register for free and start browsing on the website. When you log into Dubli website, you can watch a video on how it works. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to use.

So #whynot give it a try, nothing to lose but gain. As an online shopper, I find Dubli has the best deals, and you can earn cash back with each purchase you make. I’d urge you to give it a shot, who says you can’t have it all! You can refer your friends and get rewarded with cash back, make money and save your money if you love to travel as I do! 

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Aurela lacaj


  1. Wow, I totally need to get on this site asap! As a family of five, traveling can be very expensive so it’s great to know that a site like Dubli exists so we don’t have to compromise on our travel plans. I am excited for your wedding and can’t wait to see more details as they come along. I am heading to Dubli now to check out their deals for our Fall travel plans to Europe! xoxo, Christine

  2. Wow what a great site! Traveling with your family can be pricey so I love to know there are sites out there to help find the best deals. Thank you for sharing I will definitely be using this site when booking our next trip!

    ~xo Sheree

  3. Who doesn’t love to travel and save money at the same time?! It doesn’t get any better! I think that the main reason that people don’t use this type of site is because they don’t know about it and second, because they think that its not reliable. I will definitely give it a try now that I know that it really works. Congratulations on your big day!! Enjoy your honeymoon!


  4. Yes I am a sucker for all the deals and there is nothing to lose to try on! We visit my parents in China most of the summer and the airline costs to much for a family of four. I have never heard Dubli and thanks for sharing! Love the fact that they give you cash back for every purchase you make. And can’t wait to follow along your wedding in Italy! You always take inspiring photos Aurela!

  5. I have never heard of Dubli before. I’m definitely going to start using it for my summer travel plans. Thank you for sharing this. And congratulations on your wedding, Italy is the best!!!

  6. Wow I need to check the site of Dubli as soon as possible!
    I’m making some gorgeous plans for this summer, and will be happy to check something new.


  7. Thanks for sharing this post girl! It’s very helpful because I’ve never heard a site like this. I will check it out to see the deals. Just on point for the summer break.

  8. Hey Darling:)
    How are you?
    This site is Amazing, I travel a Lot:)
    Need to check right now:)
    The Photos are Gorgeous:) Wooow:)
    Wish you Happy Week:)
    Kisses Karina

  9. I was like “oh no, not yet another amazing site that unfortunately is only available for US residents” until I went onto their website and checked it out for myself. It has local deals for me as well and I couldn’t be more excited to both save and make money by using it. Thanks for recommending this to me and who knows, I might join you on the French Riviera now that I know how to get away with it in an affordable fashion (no worries, I won’t crash your honeymoon, haha).
    Thomas xx

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