Chic and Stylish Via Too Damn Expensive!

For the longest time, I kept seeing some of my favourite bloggers using #TooDamnExpensive hashtag and I started wondering about the brand and decided to look it up. After I checked all the collection from newly Scandinavian line called To Damn Expensive, I was obsessed. Created by the Norwegian designer Elisabeth Vestli, the garments are well curated and beautifully executed. The line is monochrome, contemporary, minimalistic and very stylish. Every piece is so unique and edgy.

I love the fact that they are a bit slouchy, luxurious and all pieces can be worn in different ways. Aside from that, the most exciting thing is that everything comes in black. I choose three pieces, a jacket with an edgy twist of metal detail and fringe on shoulders, pants and a belted top with an oversized waist belt which can be styled in different ways. You can tie around your waist line as I have in this outfit or create a bow in front or on the back. You can get creative as long as you are mindful of creating a good silhouette that will suit you. I wore this outfit for a Vancouver Fashion Week show and I received so many compliments! 

I found this simple outfit to have such a strong impact due to its contemporary details. It was easy to accessorize and I can definitely wear those pieces again, even separately. I can’t wait to see her spring collection, I want to try the soft silk garments of her upcoming collection. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, see my favourite collection line here. 

Aurela xoxo 

Wearing: Too Damn Expensive – Jacket  – Belted ShirtPants  | Valentino – Shoes| Vintage – Bag| Forever21 – Sunglasses| Dose of Roses – Earrings



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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. Well, hopefully it’s not too damn expensive because I’m loving this jumpsuit! The fabric and style of it are just so effortlessly chic. I love the accessories you chose to go with it too!

  2. This is truly such a magnificent look! I love the luxurious design of the pants and shirt and the Valentino shoes add the perfect balance of sophistication!

  3. You really rocked this outfit! Black is definitely your color and seeing the details on these pieces made me immediately fall in love with the entire look! Minimalism perfection! Have a great week!


  4. Damn girl! You look amazing!
    I’ve never thing this hashtag before and I’m checking it right now and I’m obsessed! These pieces look very well made and are super stylish!
    Love that everything comes in black!!!
    Awesome photos and great pieces you selected! Thanks for sharing!

  5. The name of this brand gets me every time! I adore this entire outfit! Every piece is beautiful! The elegant, sleek, and minimalistic look is wonderful! I also love that even though minimalistic it really is defined in design and stands out! Beautiful post and look!

    Manda |

  6. This outfit is so chic! I really like the way the fabric looks, you can tell it’s good quality. You’ve done an amazing job styling the whole look. Love those valentinos 🙂

    xo, Maryam

  7. This hashtag is one I have not seen around yet. I will check out there line though. It sounds extremely versatile and perfect. Always looking for the perfect versatile pieces to add to my wardrobe. Also loving your style. So chic and perfect.

  8. OMG, girl! The whole look is just over the moon! So stylish and elegant. I like that it’s all black with all the asymmetric pieces! Definitely, something I would wear. I should check this brand too, Scandinavians have the best taste in fashion! <3

    Cheers, Eliza |

  9. This outfit is everything so chic and elegant at the same time babe!! You look stunning in all the pics and will make sure to check this brand out. LOVE trying new brands specially if its recommended by people I follow and inspires me.

    Thanks for sharing


  10. Hey Beauty:)
    Hows you?
    God you Look Amazing and that Brand, Such a Cool Name and I just checked out:)
    The Heels is sooo Chic too, what an Elegant and Sophisticated Look:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  11. Gorgeous look! Love the jumsuit. So elegant and chic. I just checked their collection. They have amazing stuff, each one is so unique. And such a cool name for a brand! xoxo Elif

  12. I love how edgy and effortless these pieces are. I could see why everyone is so obsessed with the line! I’m going to check them out.

  13. Oh wowwww! This outfit is soooo chic! You look incredible ? This look is just divine girl. Love how you styled it too!

  14. This jumpsuit looks absolutely amazing on you! Ive seen this brand on other bloggers as well, its so good! And besides, who doesn’t love everything black?! Gonna check out what else they have right now!

  15. Such a bold look, even with the one item – jumpsuit! Thats all because of you, you know how to wear it!! Great job. <3

  16. looking super edgy and stunning in black! Dying over your valentinos


  17. Seems like my neighbors, the Norwegians, for once (just kidding, neighbor rivalry in a very loving way) made something really beautiful and I actually love the name of the brand too! And not to mention, you look amazing wearing their stuff!

  18. My beautiful friend, this looks again is a perfection! Such a high elegance, but without your inner chic it would never look so good!! Loving every piece! xxx

    • Aww you are the sweetest. Thanks love xoxo

  19. My beautiful friend, this looks again is a perfection! Such a high elegance, but without your inner chic it would never look so good!! Loving every piece! xxx

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