Because You Can Never have Enough Stripes in your closet !

It has been a crazy week with my work and the weather has been so bad, rainy, and gloomy for over three months. This rain is driving me insane and doesn’t help with blogging either. I haven’t had the chance to do any photoshoots due to the crazy weather. Last Sunday I was running errands and went for lunch with my fiancé and since the rain stopped for few hours my love suggested we do a small photoshoot. It was gloomy still, but I was happy to finally see cherry blossoms and be able to walk around the city without having to hold an umbrella.

One thing to know about me, I love wearing stripes. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, and Parisian women, this classic print has always been part of my wardrobe. I don’t wear many busy prints, as I like more monochrome looks. My closet is very limited with basics and stripes that I wear on repeat. I can’t stress this enough, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look fashionable. All you need is few statement pieces and you are good to go. This outfit is proof that when you purchase the right stuff,  you will use it over and over. For this look, I wanted to be comfy and relaxed and decided to go for jeans, a stripe shirt, flat shoes and a leather jacket to keep me warm. Casual and chic, that’s what I prefer to wear on Sunday’s.

Happy Easter to all of you and happy long weekend !

Wearing: Zara – Leather Jacket & Shoes  (last season) | Topshop – Skinny Jeans (old) | HM – Stripe shirt (old) | Gucci – Bag |



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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. Darling Aurela your pictures are so dreamy and gorgeous, it made me realize I need a striped blouse like yours tucked in a cool pair of jeans. omg it looks fabulous!
    Thanks for the inspiration, you are amazing xoxo

  2. I love these classic stripes and those flats are the best! I just got them in white and I have been wearing them nonstop. I love all your looks and the basic, neutral color palette yet with some edge. xoxo, Christine

  3. Hey Beautiful,
    So Bad that the weather there is not as Good:(
    Here in Portugal is super Warm:) So Happy to Have a Nice walk with Good Weather:)
    I wish you will have soon some Sunny Days:)
    Stripes, Just Love it, In every Pices, Colors, Skirt,Blouse, Tops:) Everything:)
    I think this Trend will be always Fashionable and Looks Amazing On you too:) Black & White such a classic version:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Easter

  4. You definitely have the right idea when it comes to styling stripes ! Absolutely love this gorgeous outfit. The fit and design is completely chic.

  5. You always look so chic babe!
    I love stripes too and in these photos you look head to toe perfect!
    Hope the weather gets better soon babe, I know how hard it is not being able to take photos! Crossing fingers for you!

  6. Oh girl, I hear you on the weather frustrations! Gloomy weather with no sunlight in sight but projects piling up – it’s the absolute worst! I’m so glad the rain stopped though, and your fiance was so sweet to suggest the impromptu shoot! My wardrobe sounds very similar to yours, focusing on monochromatic and high quality pieces. I completely agree- monochrome and stripes can instantly elevate any look. And you definitely look so sophisticated and chic in this outfit. I especially love the Gucci bag and Zara slides – the perfect accessories to top it all off! Thanks for sharing girl!

    xo Soo |

  7. during crazy weather, I usually go to building location to shoot and I remember one time I went to botanical garden, because it was winter and too cold to shoot spring outfit! I love your striped top!

  8. I’ve literally been having the same issue. I’m so sick of the rain. It’s made it hard to shoot on weekends I’m hoping the sun will come out soon. Loving that striped top!

  9. Aww dear, I understand you so well. Here in Berlin we have almost 6 months of rains and gloomy grey weather. So no hope and no chance to do any photoshoots. But sometimes you have to push yourself out of it and start doing things, even if it’s so depressing outside.
    Totally agree, you can’t go wrong with stripes, I have at least 10 pieces in my closet that are striped! And I can’t get enough of it! I do prefer monochrome looks, but sometimes adding a bit of stripe is a good choice. The look you’ve created is so bold, love the combination of white, grey and black. That leather jacket firs perfectly to this look! And the loafers! Oh my! I love them!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  10. I love stripes as well and I think i have the exact blouse from Zara!! Stripes is such a classic print that will never go out of style and it will look great with whatever pants silhouettes that is in season whether it is wide leg or skinny jeans. Love your Gucci bag too!

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  11. You have a great style and you sure know how to wear stripes. I really like stripes when I see them on other people but I’m always afraid to wear them myself as it could be tricky to style it. But seeing this look on you, I’m inspired to give it a try 🙂

    xo, Maryam

  12. I guess there’s a small Audrey Hepburn in me too as I am obsessed with stripes, haha. I hear you regarding the weather being bad for so long it even affects your work. I mean… our work is very visual and if you can’t get pictures, what the heck are you supposed to post? I’m glad you and your love found a gap in the rain for a shoot so you could show us these wonderful stripes!

  13. I love the striped top and your bag is absolutely amazing!! Personally I don’t feel like I dress well ins tripes but you totally do. I hope that the weather gets better soon as summer is approaching.

  14. I really love stripes. The stripes look great both in the classics and in any other style. Great shots and a great look.

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