A recap of my outfits I wore last week

The last few weeks have been really rainy and quite cold for my liking. Although the bad weather, I have been trying to dress up and get out as much as I can. To cheer me up, I have been really into pastels, especially the lime colour. Here is a recap of my favourite outfits I wore last week.

Look 1 – Suit up

As you might have noticed on my Instagram, I have been working with W Concept for the last few years, and honestly, I love every designer and collection they have. I adore Korean designers not only for the fashion sense, but the tailoring and quality it’s superb. The suit I am wearing is unique for a regular suit, but I love that it is so different. I wouldn’t say it’s a timeless suit but is something to wear when you want to look different. The puffy sleeve and the half waistcoat layered detail caught my attention. Also, the colour is perfect for Spring & Summer season.

Look 2 – Bringing the older days back

The dress also is from a Korean brand W Concept carries, and this dress is a timeless piece. The leather is so soft that it feels like butter. The colour combo, the classic style makes this dress a must-have for your coset. The headpiece comes with a dress that you suppose to wear around your neck. Since I am still waiting to have my hair done, I wore it as a scarf on my hair instead of my neck. This look turned out to be my mom’s favourite look. Perhaps it brought her back to her younger self back in the days. I remember my mom dressing like this when we were under the communist regime.

Look 3 – Casual Chic

In the last few weeks, I have been trying to cover my hair as much as I can since they have no shape and look doll. I have been trying to be creative with my looks, sometimes looking chic and sometimes being cool 🙂 And this look is one of them. I wanted to be cool but look classy at the same time. The Bermuda shorts are from Zara and top from Mango.

Look 4 – Shades of Neutrals

Shades of neutrals are still my favourite look is effortless and easy to wear from the office to running errands. The trench coat is one of my favourite Canadian brands that I have been wearing in the last few years. Love the stripe detail in the back. The quality is outstanding and is currently on sale. I am also happy to be supporting Canadian made products!

Look 5 – Back to classics

Being a fan of Audrey Hepburn for many years is no wonder she inspires my looks. This look is one of them. Skirt and shirt are both from Massimo Dutti and currently on sale. Both pieces are the perfect addition for office looks or vacation. I wish you all a fantastic Sunday!

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Aurela Nasedkin