5 Fashion Trends From a Vancouver Stylist

With Fashion Week drawing designers and crowds, from a world away, it’s never been more important to stay on top of the trends. To make the right choices for the perfect look, consider these five fashion trends from your Vancouver stylist.

80s Revival

For the spring, we’re seeing a modern twist on some familiar fashions from the 80s. A bold flair for patterns will serve you well, so look for polka-dots and some big stripes to make a revival. If patterns aren’t your thing, combining interesting and bold shades of colour are another trend to consider. Just remember: 80s colours are all about bright and brave, so think electric blues and arresting greens.

Bohemian Chic

While this style hit its heyday in the 60s and 70s, it has connections with the 80s. True Boho chic uses objects and patterns from the world around us and focuses on free-flowing fabrics. Where the 80s revival comes in is through the use of layers.

Layers are big in 2020 but use them wisely. Watch that one colour doesn’t overpower the rest or ruin an accent piece; but don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials. If you’re unsure about layering full pieces, start out with scarves and frills and build confidence from there.

A-Line Simplicity

If frills, layers, and bold patterns aren’t your style, you can remain fashionable this year with some simple A-line dresses. These have long been a favourite because they allow for free movement, but the modern trend is to keep these minimalists. Choose a pattern or colour you like, a simple accent piece of jewelry or some sandals that pop, and use your clothing as an understated accent of the personality within.

Armoured for Winter

Winter in Vancouver can get a bit wet and dismal, so to keep your spirits up take some advice from your Vancouver stylist. It’s the time of year when people want to throw on some old trousers and an oversized shirt and huddle indoors with a hot cuppa. Stand out from the crowd while staying in style with a Charlie girl look that moves seamlessly from the board room to the bar room.

To get this look, get your trousers and jackets perfectly tailored. Make them pop with some playful colour underneath, but the jacket and trousers themselves should be professional. Switch out the trousers for a midi dress when the weather warms up a bit.

Embrace the Unexpected

Who would have thought that pastels would make a comeback, and in autumn of all seasons? As we move into the cold months, pink, mint green, and lavender have become very on-trend. Embrace the trend wholeheartedly with solids or, if it’s not your hue, use them as accent colours in prints under beiges, icy greys, and earthy browns.

More Fashion Trends From a Vancouver Stylist

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