Toronto Trip – My Stay at The Anndore House

As I told you before, last week I travelled to Toronto to attend my son’s Graduation ceremony. He graduated from Queens University, located in Kingston which is 2 hours away from Toronto city. Also, my sister lives an hour away from the city. Since I haven’t seen her for over a year, I decided to spend few days in Toronto with her. 

I stayed at The Anndore House Hotel, located at Yonge and Charles, steps from Toronto’s famed Yonge and Bloor intersection and a short stroll from all the city life. Let me tell you, loved everything about this chic hotel right in the heart of the city. The interiors are incredible! From the moment I set foot on their doors, I adored the chic and stylish vibe. It has a bit of retro vibe which made it perfect for some Instagram worthy shoots.

 I love not only a good looking chic bed but when its comfy is even better. The large windows provided me with fantastic city views, and the bed was so AMAZING that I spent the whole morning in bed with a bad hangover. On that note, it sounds kind of embarrassing, but I am a total lightweight since I’ve been dieting and cutting alcohol to get into shape for my wedding. On Friday night after we checked in, my sister and I went for dinner and drinks afterwards, and amazingly we run into Albanian girls. I was happy as I don’t have many Albanian friends in Vancouver and entirely made my night. Good thing I had a wonderful time, sad thing I was hungover the next day and didn’t do half of what I had planned 🙂

As much as I love the modern decor, I appreciate the retro-chic vibe. Not sure maybe I am going vintage lately! Besides the bed, the record player and the old telephone was my favourite part of the room.  While taking a video for my IG story the phone rang, and the sound made me feel like back in the days. 

On Saturday we made a dinner reservation at Constantine restaurant. The dishes at Constantine incorporate Mediterranean flavours: Moroccan, Greek, Egyptian and Turkish.

I love Mediterranean food because it reminds so much of my momma’s cooking. The restaurant has a fantastic ambience, and the food is just delicious. I am not kidding you, if you are planning to visit Toronto, or live in Toronto, you must go. We shared a bottle of Italian wine and tried few appetizers, and meze plate was my favourite.  Served with a  flatbread made in the wood oven. It comes with three dips: charred eggplant, labneh topped with cucumbers and candied hazelnuts, and muhammara. Later I had Greek branzino fillet, deboned, served on a bed of bulgur tossed with currants and pistachios. I skipped the dessert, and now I wish I didn’t! I encountered great people working there, but the waiter at the Constantine restaurant made my experience even more enjoyable. He was funny and totally made our nighgt, amazing service! 

Overall my experience at  The Anndore House Hotel was terrific. Chic, stylish decor, clean rooms, friendly staff and the perfect prime location. It’s different and fabulous; that’s for sure! Until next time, thank you The Anndore House team for hosting me!x


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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. Loved this so much and I miss you tremendously <3

  2. Sehr schönes Foto von ihr beide und dazu auch ein sehr schönes Hotel. Aber wenn so hübsche Mädls in Hotel sind wird das Hotel noch schöner.

  3. Wow what a fab hotel. You weren’t kidding when you said the interior is amazing and totally photographable. I love the vintage vibes and the color palette. How fun that you got a little vacay with your sister. Sister time is so precious and I too would’ve enjoyed a getaway with my own sisters. I have been wanting to visit Toronto and I definitely will check into the Anndore House because of you! xoxo, Christine

  4. Definitely in love with this retro vibe hotel! The interior is full of characters and you took amazing pictures of the hotel. Love every single one of your picture and Mediterranean food sounds just so delicious for me. If I am in the area, I will definitely check into Anndore house hotel. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the retro decor, look, and feel of this hotel! The interior really is amazing and very photograph-able. The Mediterranean food looks delicious, If I am ever in the area I will definitely be checking this hotel out, thank you for sharing!

    ~xo Sheree

  6. Hey Darling,
    How are you?
    Sooo Amazing Hotel:) Wow;)
    And the Photos are Stunning, you 2 look super Cute:)
    Definitely would stay here:)
    Wish you Beautiful Week:)
    Kisses Open Kloset By Karina
    “True Beauty Comes From Within”

  7. Can I just say that that first shot of you is give me SUCH Carrie Bradshaw vibes!!

    Also, the hotel looks incredible, and despite the hangover, you look wonderful as well!


  8. Wow, such an amazing trip you had!
    I’m happy that you enjoyed your stay at Anndore House. It looks absolutely amazing on pics! I definitely have to go there!


  9. What a fun trip with your gf!!! Because we start to talk about the hotel! I want to say, damn girl, can I have your body!!! Those Abs are definitely something I would dream of!!! Love the hotel interior and decor too, of cause, but all my attentions was on you 🙂

    xx, Jessie

  10. Since Toronto is my hometown, I can only say how much I envy you, girl. I haven’t been there for ages. This place – The Anndore Hotel – looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the atmosphere of it, it’s very classy yet very comfy. I really like its decor and all the posters. Looks like a great place to spend time while exploring the city. Hope you had a great time!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  11. Next time I’m in Toronto I’ll be sure to check out the Anndore House! It’s so charming yet chill. Love it!

  12. What an absolute gem you found during your visit to Toronto (how was the graduation by the way, you must have been so proud!). I am a big fan of modern decor, but like a touch of vintage here and there and The Anndore House seemed to be the best of both worlds when it comes to that. As for Constantine, I’m always up for Mediterranean, so hit me up, haha. Thanks for a lovely review and for making my decision to go to Toronto soon a bit easier to make!
    Thomas xx

  13. I need to visit Toronto! I’ve never been there, but it is one of the destinations that I would love to visit soon. You must feel so proud of your son!
    You found a great place to stay, the Anndore Hotel looks so cozy and with a nice atmosphere!
    Thanks for sharing this option girl!

  14. Can I say I’m obsessed with the shower of this hotel? It is absolute interior goals!

    I haven’t been to Toronto since I was 12 but I have very fond memories of my time there and would love to go back again soon.

    By the way, you girls are way too cute!



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