Tofino Getaway!


Greetings Fashionistas,

Finally I got some free time to write a post. It was an amazing long weekend.  We had a Family Day long weekend and my boyfriend took me for a getaway to Vancouver Island, Tofino. It’s so beautiful, and the resort we stayed was on the ocean with incredible views. We could hear the waves crashing and blowing into our windows, simply magical. This past weekend was our two year anniversary and my love proposed in the most romantic way. I am still in shock that I am engaged, I knew he loved me and he would propose to me one day but not this past weekend. I was speechless to the point that he had to ask me again if my answer would be yes since I wasn’t responding. Continue Reading

Casual Sunday



As much as I  love to dress up, wearing jeans is my favorite sunday outfit.  I love to go for brunch on Sunday, it is one of those days where I can catch up with my girlfriends. One of my girlfriends is a single mother and Sunday is the only day I can see her. During the week our schedules doesn’t match, and sunday brunch is one of our rituals. Continue Reading