Weekend at the beach-house with Sorel

Hello lovelies, hope you had a wonderful weekend. We spend the weekend at the beach house in Point Roberts Washington, and I was so happy to have a little bit of sunshine on Sunday. We had rainy days for two weeks non-stop which it makes very hard to take pictures. I went for a walk with my husband and grocery shopping yesterday wearing this outfit. We love going to the cottage for the weekend; it’s like a mini getaway for us. Cozy fireplace, bubbles at 4 pm and binge-watching Netflix. It’s relaxing and my favourite time to spend it with my husband.  Continue Reading

Borrowed from the boys

I wanted to continue my love for the latest trend that I love. Oversized blazers! I am glad this trend is back as I love it. Back in the days when I was young and a fashion victim I would like to wear my dad’s blazers, shirts and his pants. Yes, you heard me correct. I wore his clothes and would do a fashion show for my sisters in our living room. My dad would, of course, laugh at me and tell me that I was weird and he has never seen anyone wear man’s clothes as I do.  Continue Reading

Cozy oversized

I love a crisp fall beautiful day. I wanted to take advantage of the sunny day and decided to go for a coffee and take a few pictures of my outfit. It’s funny because when is the weekend, and my husband can do a photo shoot its pouring rain. Since he is at work, I tried to take a few pictures with my iPhone to share with you my favourite look for fall. Continue Reading

How to Transition your summer dress into the fall season

How to Transition your summer into fall seasonIt’s sad that summer has gone so quick and now Vancouver’s weather has changed within a day from summer to autumn. Don’t get me wrong I love the fall season, but I feel that our summer in Vancouver is very short. To tell you the truth I haven’t even worn half of my summer dresses due to our short summer days. I am hoping that we have a bit of warmer days in the South of France for our upcoming trip. Continue Reading