Borrowed from the boys

I wanted to continue my love for the latest trend that I love. Oversized blazers! I am glad this trend is back as I love it. Back in the days when I was young and a fashion victim I would like to wear my dad’s blazers, shirts and his pants. Yes, you heard me correct. I wore his clothes and would do a fashion show for my sisters in our living room. My dad would, of course, laugh at me and tell me that I was weird and he has never seen anyone wear man’s clothes as I do. 

Today I am still obsessed with the menswear trend. The bigger, the better for me. I love to mix the feminine and masculine together and honestly most likely is my go-to outfit. I have been hunting for an oversized black tailored blazer for so long, the one I love are either too pricey, or the fit doesn’t look good on me. 

Failing to find the perfect blazer for this outfit that I had in mind since I received these fabulous stilettos from M.Gemi and the most stylish mini bag, a balance between vintage and sexy from A.Cloud I decided to shop at my husbands closet. Alth0ugh my husband is much bigger than my dad I think for the look I wanted to create worked out perfectly. 

However, a few of you who stick to the classics style might find this look to be a bit over the top, but I do love the trends that look good on my body and of course for my age. Do you follow trends or stick to classics? In my case, I love them both, trends and classics! 

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