Black’n White – Weekend Vibe !

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What am I going to wear today!

Often when I go out with friends and my boyfriend for dinner and drinks, I have that panic question of  ”what am I going to wear’?”  Some days I want to dress up and I’ll think about my outfit. Dressed up for me means wearing my high stilettos and something fancy. There are some days when I just need to go for a casual outing, so I wear my favorite jeans, flats and a blazer. As much as I love to add new things to my closet, sometimes just shopping your closet and using what you already have is better for your wallet. I love my classic pieces that I’ve had in my closet for a long time. Continue Reading

Mono Magic – Black & White



Greeting Fashionistas,

The Monochrome trend is a timeless look that’s simple to pull off. I am obsessed with black and white mono clothing.  It is a trend that remains season to season, and an easy transition for any occasions. I love white on white, black and white or all black most of the time. I could say this is my signature style.  I tend to buy more mono pieces that I can wear throughout the season like a blazer, tuxedo pants, crispy white shirts or one color dresses.  I like colorful clothes in summer & spring, but I feel more classy in mono style because it feels so chic and gives you that instant parisian vibe. Continue Reading

Black & White Stripe Romper!


Hello Fashionistas,

With the long weekend, and an incredible weather I decided to go for stripes.  One thing to know about me, I love wearing stripes. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, and Parisian women, this classic print it has always been part of my wardrobe.  I don’t wear many busy prints, as I like more monochrome and classic pieces. A striped sailer shirt with white jeans is my go to outfit for summer and this culotte romper is just perfect to wear for running errands or a beach vacation.  Continue Reading