Black on Black Winter Layers !


It has been freezing in Vancouver lately, so I’ve been hibernating at home watching Netflix and staying cozy. I’m not a big fan of this below zero weather, perhaps I should consider relocating to a warmer location?. Moving has been on my mind lately, but I love Vancouver too damn much to move elsewhere, unless it was NYC, in which would be even colder than Vancouver!. My hubby has returned home after being away for two weeks on business. It was lovely to go for a nice dinner together, followed by crisp winter walk down the Enchanted Christmas Light Maze, a new event in Vancouver this year. (blog to follow soon )   Continue Reading

Happy Valentine’s !


Greetings loves,

I wanted to post this blog last night but I wasn’t able too. I had dinner with my fiancé and it was pouring outside. Although the lighting wasn’t as good, we managed to snap few pictures.   This weekend we decided to not do anything special since we had a fabulous getaway last weekend. I wanted to relax and just enjoy the day with my love without planning anything fancy. Continue Reading