Beach Cover up Crochet !

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I love the summer season and being close to the ocean is my happy place. I enjoy winter and going skiing, but I crave the heat and ocean breeze. Growing up in Albania, going to the beach gave me the best moments of my childhood. The Pacific ocean isn’t the same as the Mediterranean sea, but is better than not having an ocean at all. I am lucky enough to live a block away from the ocean in Vancouver and I get to come to the beach house almost every weekend.

As a mother I have had insecurities with my body. Since having my son I have always been very self-concious about my stomach and stretch marks around my abdominal area. Sometimes, I embrace them and feel that is part of being a mom, but at times I wish I didn’t have them. Even though I workout almost daily doing yoga, running or biking around the seawall, you can’t ever make the stretch marks disappear. If you have any secret tips or tricks please pass them on ?

As I mentioned before we have guests from England over for couple of weeks at the beach house, being around so many people I didn’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini. The cover-up crochet over the one piece swimsuit was a life saver. I felt fabulous and comfortable. The one piece swimwear not only covers your stomach area but tightens up everything and makes you look slimmer. I love fashion, I love glamour, and I love swimming. I don’t love my stomach. But I’m not going to let that get in the way of enjoying the things I do love.

I left the beach house today as I needed to get ready for work tomorrow and run some errands since I haven’t been home for about 5 days. I hope all of you had a great weekend!

Thanks for reading !

Wearing : Forever21 – Bodysuit Swimwear | Zara – Cover up Crochet | Burberry – Sunglasses | HM – Headscarf | 

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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. You have nothing to be self conscious about! You look stunning! I absolutely adore that white bathing suit and the coverup as well!

    • You are so sweet Kyla. Thank you girlfriend xoxo

    • Thanks beautiful, it was a fun weekend. Having 20 people around you is hard to relax but I enjoyed my family around. xoxo

  2. OMG! You always look young and stunning babe! I really wanna know your secret of being always young and sexy! Loving your outfit too babe! Hope you had fun!

    Elisha |

  3. You look so stunning and cosy in those looks and the place looks beautiful!

    would you like to follow each other on google friend connect and google plus? If you follow me,
    I will follow you back after it. ^^

    • Thank you so much! Thank you for the feature! Love it xoxo

    • Get a crochet for sure, will be good to to have for late evening. I hope you have a great vacation beauty!

    • Is the best investment for summer!

      Thanks Margot xoxo

    • I love it too, thank you so much. Have a great day !
      Aurela xoxo

  4. You look amazing! I love that crochet cover up too!

    • Thank you, I love it too. Is a great peace for summer holidays xoxo

  5. Girl you look AMAZING! I love this one piece, one shoulder suit and the crocheted cover up is too perfect as well. I totally feel you though about being more self conscious after kids. As much as we love them, they definitely do a number on our bodies. But you look fabulous and know what works for you so keep it up hot mama! xoxo, Christine

    • Thanks beautiful, is true kids destroy our bodies but bring happiness to our soul:)
      Aurela xoxo

  6. Looking so feminine in crotchet Aurela! Oh yeah about stretch marks.. They are pretty stubborn and I think only a few laser treatment sessions will make them go away unfortunately 🙁 You can try bio oil (I doubt it helps much) to fade some of them.

    • Thanks Aldora, yes I been thinking on the laser treatment for while now.. I’ve tried the bio oil it doesn’t work.
      Aurela xoxo

  7. Very inspiring post! You look great! I grew up by the water too, in Bulgaria. I can’t imagine being far away from it!


    • Didn’t know you are from Bulgaria 🙂 Life is always better at the beach!

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