Très Chic in Portland City

I am guilty of many things in life, but being always late is on the top of the list. If I say I’m on my way, most likely I am trying to figure out what I am wearing. Learning how to manage my time is on my to-do-list of improvement. Finally, I decided to edit the outfit pictures that I wore in Portland a few weeks ago. It shouldn’t come as a surprise but as I am typing away this blog post I realized that I have an event at 5;30 pm tonight and I am sure me being late won’t come as surprise to my girlfriend.

In my mind, I have two hours to finish this post, prep dinner for my love and get ready. Luckily I don’t take much time to get ready because my makeup is usually minimal and I know what I am wearing 🙂

This outfit combines few of my favourite pieces that I wear on repeat. As I have mentioned in my previous posts trench coats, culottes are my favourite pieces that I wear. I have had this culotte pants and trench coat both from Zara for a while now. Ruffled top is from Storets, one of my favourite websites to shop the latest trends and very affordable. I got this top last year but have never worn it because of the weather. I  packed it for Portland as I thought it would perfect top to wear with my trench coat and the culottes. 

When I travel I try on all my outfits before I pack to make sure I pick the right pieces. Again, because I left my packing the last min I didn’t have a chance to try the outfits before I packed them for my trip. I just simply had a vision how I wanted to wear each piece. To my luck, the outfit ended up being so chic that I decided to blog about it. Sometimes, the last min look works better than the planned one. No, I am not justifying my bad habit. Okay, now I need to get ready! Tell me what’s the last min look you wore and you loved it?

Wearing: Zara – Trench Coat – Culottes – Belt – Glasess ( old ) | Storets – Top | Chinise Laundry – Heels | Urban Outifts – Beret | Gucci – Bag|




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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. I love this last minute look you put together! I struggle with packing my outfits when travelling too which requires planning ahead. I usually prefer to decide what to wear depending on my mood at the moment so then it becomes last minute which is not ideal. My go-to last min outfit is usually distressed denim with a white tee or cami and a classic blazer, cardigan or kimono to throw over!

  2. Your last minute outfit is amazing.You look like you stepped out of a magazine! I wish I could pack more stylish on vacations. It’s more about comfort for me.

  3. I love the black pom pom shoe, it is very fun yet classy at the same time, very cute how you paired them with the trench coat, great outfit!

    ~xo Sheree

  4. I am getting some crazy Audrey Hepburn feels from this. Love how paired the Chanel-esque peplum top with the rustic belt. SO incredibly chic.


  5. Hi dear!

    Such a wonderful classy and chic outfit!
    I really like beige color on you. This trench is something really special as well!
    A perfect look to copy! Thank you for inspiration!

  6. Hey Darling,
    How are you?
    This Look is sooo Feminine and Chic:)
    Love the Bag and that Coat is Beautiful too;)
    Wish you Happy Week
    Love Kisses Karina

  7. Girl, you look so stylish! You chose definitely the best title for your post, because you look super chic. I love the frenchy vibes of your entire combo and that trench is the perfect layer for it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. How fun! Wish i would’ve known you were here so we could meet up! Let me know next time! Love your outfit btw. Very Parisian

  9. Like yourself, I also try on all my looks before packing and I also write them down in my planner so I can shoot them properly and with the right accessories. If you were able to do this and cook dinner, you are a beast! You are also naturally beautiful, so no makeup needed. Beautiful outfit, as always!

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