Beach Life!


Hello Fashionistas,

Summer life is here and this is the best season to wear dresses!

It has been a crazy few weeks, as I been traveling and working at the same time. I love traveling just as much as I love fashion. At times I have to chose between a ticket to a city I’ve never been to, or get the new hot heels that I have been adoring from afar through fashion magazine shuffling or window shopping. To be honest, most of the time, travel wins my heart. I think traveling is the best medicine for your soul. I couldn’t ever be in one place for a long time without going somewhere, even if it is for one night. Boredom is a killer for your soul! Continue Reading

All-White Summer Look!


Hello Fashionistas,

It’s summer, and that means a lot of whites outfits for me. By now, from my previous post, you know that I have an obsession with jumpsuits and all whites. All my girlfriends ask me about my outfits every time I go out, and when I tell them that is from Forever21 they don’t believe it. The response I get is how come when we go there we don’t find anything decent, let alone beautiful pieces like you wear. I love Forever21, Topshop, Zara, and HM for summer outfits as they all have beautiful pieces without breaking your wallet. If I spend money, it is always for bags, shoes or classic minimalistic pieces. Continue Reading

A Slouchy Green Jumpsuit


Hello Fashionistas,

Summer has arrived in Vancouver and it is absolutely amazing. I love it and can’t get enough of this paradise, biking around the seawall, jogging, hot yoga, and tanning at the beach, are almost my daily routine after I finish work. I spent the last weekend at the beach house with my boyfriend in Point Roberts and I literally lived in my bikini, that’s how hot it was. Continue Reading