Happy Valentine’s !


Greetings loves,

I wanted to post this blog last night but I wasn’t able too. I had dinner with my fiancé and it was pouring outside. Although the lighting wasn’t as good, we managed to snap few pictures.   This weekend we decided to not do anything special since we had a fabulous getaway last weekend. I wanted to relax and just enjoy the day with my love without planning anything fancy. Continue Reading

Shades of Gray !



When there’s less sunlight to go around, I gravitate towards a winter uniform: all-black everything. And, while I love the convenience of a monochrome outfit, it’s time to give another shade on the spectrum some love. Grey will be my new shade for the winter season. I’ve been wearing black, camel or white for some time now. A Grey outfit is between black and white, so it’s a noncolor, almost refreshing and it looks classy. Continue Reading

Stay Neutral & Head-to-Toe Nude!


Happy Sunday!

It has been an overwhelming week for me as tomorrow I am going to start a new position. Going back and forth from the interviews to negotiation, it has taken a lot of time and it’s been hard to find time to blog as my focus was to get the job. Super excited to start the new job but at the same time I am a bit nervous to be in a totally new industry & position. New beginnings are always nerve racking, but very rewarding when you learn new skills. Continue Reading

Lady in White!



I have always loved to wear off white, creamy colors for fall and winter, but Vancouver is known to be rainy city, and that doesn’t allow me to wear such outfits. Although I can’t complain, we had a fantastic season with lots of sunshine, and very little rain so far. As the weather in Vancouver changes drastically within hours i’m trying to take advantage of the sunny weather like we had few days ago. Continue Reading