Suit Up – Sneaker Trend!

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There’s no better way to update your suits for spring than with a pair of a great sneakers. Sneaker fever has officially taken over this season, they are the latest-must have shoe. So I decided to explore this trend and see how I feel when wearing them. As you might have noticed from my previous posts, I love shoes, especially high heels. However when you are working in the office for 8 hours you need to have comfy shoes that won’t kill your feet. Continue Reading

All Black Everything!



Black is always the new black!  Since my early days of loving fashion, I have always loved wearing black.  Black is power, and  confidence-boosting, whether it’s a first date, or an interview. It’s flattering, alluring, and timeless, regardless of your body shape. And, its pretty much limitless and will never go out of style. Continue Reading

Black’n White – Weekend Vibe !

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What am I going to wear today!

Often when I go out with friends and my boyfriend for dinner and drinks, I have that panic question of  ”what am I going to wear’?”  Some days I want to dress up and I’ll think about my outfit. Dressed up for me means wearing my high stilettos and something fancy. There are some days when I just need to go for a casual outing, so I wear my favorite jeans, flats and a blazer. As much as I love to add new things to my closet, sometimes just shopping your closet and using what you already have is better for your wallet. I love my classic pieces that I’ve had in my closet for a long time. Continue Reading