Statement sleeves with Storets!

This past week has been so stressful as I’ve been dealing with allergies on my eyes for few days and it has greatly affected my vision and mood. I struggle when I use my computer at work and when use my phone, everything is blurry and I get tired so easily. I have never had any problems with my vision. I don’t use reading glasses either. Last Thursday was the first time I have ever had my eyes checked. Thankfully nothing serious was going on and I don’t need reading glasses just yet.

Today’s post is all about this incredible statement top and fabulous pair of pants that I got from Storets. The top is for sure a must have for the Spring season. The ruffle trend has been popping up everywhere for quite some time; at fashion week and in posts from majority of the fashion bloggers out there on Instagram. This has been one of my favourite trends. Its dramatic, feminine and elevates your outfit to the next level. Pair it with a skirt, jeans or trousers this top will turn heads when you’re walking the street. I paired both the top and the pants with my favourite Gucci shoes and a vest from Zara to create a chic and edgy outfit for date night with my love.

I have been obsessed with Storets since I discovered them through Pinterest. I have had my eyes on so many beautiful pieces, especially tops that I want to add to my summer collection. Still affordable and the quality of the garments are better than I expected. Let’s hope that the rain will stop so that I can wear this top more often. I truly am disliking this rainy season in Vancouver. I am not able to wear half of my favourite pieces because of this rain!

Happy Sunday ! Aurela xoxo

Wearing: Storets – Ruffle Top & Pants | Zara –  Vest | Gucci – Shoes | Loeil – Bag |



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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. Dramatic tops are a must during each season and this top is way too beautiful! Adore how you styled it with the step hem pants and the Gucci loafers! Perfect for an event or for a night out. Wishing you a fantastic day! xx


  2. I’m a fan of this look! My fav part is the way you paired it with the oversized sleeveless blazer, all white keeps the look very clean and beautiful. You are the epitome of classy here, the Gucci’s also pair really well. Amazing look, thanks for the inspo
    xo Lani |

  3. I am obsessed with this black and white look. It is so chic and exudes such elegance! The statement top is amazing and the cascading sleeves are beyond incredible. The trousers add the perfect touch to this outfit and I would die for that bag! Gorgeous look and I definitely need to shop at Storets! xoxo, Christine

  4. Oh you poor thing, I’m blessed not to have pollen allergy, but I bet it’s a real tough time right now. In that case you should basically be glad Vancouver has had a lot of rain lately as that reduces the amount of pollen in the air. 🙂 As for your outfit, the statement sleeves look amazing and I’m hugely in love with your Gucci shoes (how can I not?) you paired the look with!

  5. Omg this top is too cute. I love the ruffles. It’s such a statement piece. I’ve been dying to get something like this for a while now. So sorry about your allergies. I’ve been literally the same. Last week was brutal and I had to take Benadryl and go to bed early! Hope you’re feeling better

  6. Hey Darling,
    Sooo Sorry to hear about your Allergies and Eye issues:(
    I had many years ago many problems as well but Since I drink a Natural Tea, My Eyes and Allergy got Better.
    The Statement Top Is soooo Elegant and Love the Sleeves, Sooo Unique:)
    You matched the Top with Amazing Pants and that Heels, God, I am obsessed:)
    What An Elegant & Chic Outfit:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Monday

  7. Wow girl! STUNNING! This top is beautiful and love how you styled it with white pants and a sleeveless vest, so chic! And those Gucci shoes are to DIE for! Also, love the finally touch with the sunnies!
    Hope you’re feeling better now! Allergies are a pain!!! I suffer really bad from allergies during Spring season!
    Anyway, you look gorgeous babe!

  8. Storets offers a tone of beautiful pieces! I love them too. This top looks amazing! I am glad that you don’t need glasses, because I have a bad vision and it is always horrible when I forget my glasses. Sorry to hear about allergies.

  9. This is such a statement blouse! The sleeves are absolutely classy thou. Totally agree, this top is an absolute must-have for this season. I’ve always loved classy monochrome looks. And this one is just so gorgeous, the trousers are so elegant and chic! And aww those shoes are so pretty. This is definitely a go-to look! Love it!
    Cheers, Eliza |

  10. Can I just say how obsessed with this look I am. The shirt, pants, and shoes are perfect. You look gorgeous too. I hope to get a pair of these shoes someday in the near future. There are so many different outfit combinations with this whole look. I also hope you’re feeling better. Allergies are getting the best of me at the moment, and I’m not enjoying it.

  11. Those sleeves are everything! I have loved Storets for awhile myself but have yet taken a moment to buy something. This makes me want to go to their site right now! I hope you feel better soon from your allergies! xo, Jessica

  12. Dramatic sleeves are a must have in any closet this season! Storets have some of the cutest tops with dramatic sleeves and this one is just perfect. Loved how you styled it in black and white and my god those Gucci loafers are a dream!!

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  13. My allergies are terrible too! It’s really bad this year. But let’s talk about your top. OMG – so good! I love the ruffle trend but it’s so easy to over do. However your top is perfection. And don’t get me started on those Gucci shoes. I’ve been lusting after a pair but I refuse to pay full price. As soon as I find a pair on sale I’m jumping!

  14. What an elegance. Incredible as you’re done everything right there are only 2 colors in play but so much style Congrats!
    Storets clothes are unique and very trendy I like them a lot!

  15. What an elegance. Incredible as you’re done everything right there are only 2 colors in play but so much style Congrats!
    Storets clothes are unique and very trendy I like them a lot!

  16. Wow that ruffle sleeve top is phenomenal!! I love how you played with black and white hues in this look – it looks so chic and elegant! I also adore this stylish bag – what an interesting handle it features!

    Love exploring the brands though Pinterest too!

    Its just absolutely perfect, and those white gucci heels!! LOVE how you styled this black and white look.

  18. Im sorry to hear about the allergy in your eyes babe!! Hope you feel better.
    On the other hand absolutely love this top. I remember I discover storets on my first trip to NY and absolutely falled in love. They have so many great things and always beautiful statement pieces like this top.


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